Deuce and Domino's entrance theme is all about cool

Deuce and Domino's entrance theme is all about cool

Every time Deuce and Domino take to the arena, there is a line sung that sums them up perfectly: "Come let me take you back."

Deuce and Domino's leather jackets, greased-back hair, and roller-skating gal Cherry take WWE fans back to a different time. So does their entrance theme "I'm All About Cool," which is a doo-wop inspired ditty now available on WWE The Music: Vol. 7 exclusively through iTunes.

"I feel fantastic when I hear our music," Deuce told "You know, me and Domino, we're laidback guys. We're not vicious people, you know what I mean? We just kick back, kind of like our music."

Domino agrees that the music suits the duo, but for a slightly different reason.

"It's the greatest entrance theme WWE has today," said Domino. "That's why it's perfect for us."

However, the sweet, laidback groove brings with it an ominous foreshadowing.

"When the music's playing, I know it's time for someone to get beat up," Domino said. "And if an opponent hears my music, he knows he's in trouble."

Deuce added, "We like to kick back, but if someone wants to cross the line, then me and Domino will have to crack them; you know, destroy them with our reckless style."

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