Daughtry brings it to Backlash

Daughtry brings it to Backlash

With two hit singles, Daughtry continued its relationship with WWE when they supplied "There and Back Again" as the official theme song for April's Backlash pay-per-view.

For Chris Daughtry, the band's frontman, his run on the television hit American Idol has opened doors that he never dreamed possible. Despite not winning the contest, Daughtry became a quick fan-favorite, and released the self-titled debut album, Daughtry. Selling more than 2.5 million copies and grabbing the coveted No. 1 spot on the Billboard charts, Daughtry has seen his life change before his eyes.

"I'm very busy all the time now, playing shows for people who know who we are," he said in an interview with WWE.com.

Going from relative unknown to overnight sensation, Daughtry sympathizes with the Superstars of WWE. "It is not as glamorous a life as people think it is, and I am sure every Superstar knows what I am feeling -- exhaustion," he said. "It's hard to go out in public, but this is what I wanted ever since I can remember, I love every minute of it. I love being on stage, so I wouldn't trade it for anything."

Chris Daughtry grew up watching sports-entertainment with his father and brother, and he idolized some of the biggest stars of the ‘80s.

"I grew up watching wrestlers like Ultimate Warrior and Brian Pillman, among many others," Daughtry said. "I appreciate it [WWE], and I think it's cool one of my songs is being used."

The partnership between Daughtry and WWE was an easy one to forge.

"When we were first approached for WWE's Tribute to Troops to use the track ‘Feels Like Tonight,' we had a lot of opportunities to use our songs. We accepted some and some we didn't," Daughtry said. "WWE was an obvious choice -- a perfect fit -- punk rock and sports-entertainment definitely mix."

As Daughtry prepares for the next step, the band hopes that this summer our fans, as well as theirs, have the time to see Daughtry on tour.

"We will be on tour with Nickelback and Staind this summer, it's loud, heavy, sweaty and a lot of fun," he explained. "For all the fans of WWE or fans of mine, hope to see you soon!"

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