Music from da Hood

Music from da Hood

"Yo, yo, yo, yo, yo…Shad and JTG, it's Cryme Tyme. BROOKLYN, BROOKLYN!"

When that opening line hits the airwaves inside a WWE arena, fans and Superstars alike know exactly what time it is: time for Shad and JTG to go on a Cryme spree. As is the case for many WWE Superstars, Cryme Tyme's entrance theme defines their personality and tells you what they're all about.

But for Shad and JTG individually, "Bringing Da Hood T U" does more than that. Sure, it's a hip-hop jam that gets the crowd hyped-up, but when they hear the opening lines, it puts them into a state of mental readiness.

"When I hear my music it psyches me up, it gets me intense and ready for my match," Shad told "Basically, I go out there to have a good time, and I have a real good time when I'm knockin' people's heads in."

By the time everyone in the arena hears that opening "yo yo yo yo yo," Shad's already in the zone.

"The first thing I think of is yo, yo, yo, it's Cryme Tyme. And that's what time it is; time for me to get paid and time for somebody to get hurt," he laughed.

The track also brings partner JTG to his happy place, which for him is nestled somewhere in the most populous borough of New York City.

"When I hear my theme, I know it's time to get it poppin' out there," JTG said. "I hear that "Brooklyn, Brooklyn" hit and it brings me back to the streets of Brooklyn, thinking of my block. The music's playin' and I'm getting hyped, thinking of me and my boys getting crunk. That's how I feel."

Cryme Tyme always has a good tyme in the ring, and with the release of WWE The Music: Vol. 7 exclusively on iTunes, everyone has a chance to get a piece of the hood. "Bringing Da Hood T U" may not be grammatically correct, but it is one of the 21 tracks available on WWE Music's latest compilation of Superstar entrance themes. You can get it here, as long as you promise not to take a lesson from Shad & JTG and try to gank it from someone else.

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