WWE's Hot Beds: Boston

WWE's Hot Beds: Boston

Beantown. Home of the Red Sox. The Celtics. The Bruins. Champions are nothing new to the "City on a Hill." From blood on the sock of Curt Schilling to Larry Bird, Boston's athletes seemingly mirror the people: hardworking, fun and know how to get the job done. (PHOTOS)

WWE used to televise live events on NESN from the '80s from the old Boston Garden - a hallowed place where dozens of championship hung from the rafters. Two WWE moments, among many, stick out for Beantown.

Hometown hero John Cena won the World Heavyweight Championship at Survivor Series from Chris Jericho at Boston Gardens. A boyhood dream for the Cenation leader, and the Stone Cold era was born when Austin defeated Shawn Michaels for the WWE Championship in Boston. Austin 3:16!

Sean Grande, Boston Celtics announcer and prominent member of the WWE Universe sums up Boston like this:  

"Boston fans are passionate about everything; basketball, football, baseball, hockey, WWE and especially driving (laughs). When you travel around the country with the NBA like I do , you notice the different degrees of fandom and what percentage of their lives people devote to sports, including WWE, and Boston is by far the highest." 


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