WWE's Unsolved Mysteries

WWE's Unsolved Mysteries

The WWE Universe has experienced its share of paradoxical occurrences that have taken place directly in the center of the squared circle - WWE's Unsolved Mysteries.

Like revered mystery-pursuer Robert Stack, WWE.com invites you to examine these phenomena, the ring's most outstanding instances of the unexplained. Explore the questions that have confounded WWE fans for years, in search of answers ... if within the realm of comprehension.

What was in The Undertaker's urn?

WWE's Unsolved Mysteries

The Phenom has always been the most fear-instilling force in all of WWE. And while his origin itself remains still somewhat obscured, the root of his evil appears to lie in a most mysterious artifact: Undertaker's gold urn.

Toted by Paul Bearer, the urn gave The Deadman's corpulent confidante and manager the sole ability to control Undertaker in his earliest WWE haunts. Prior to Bearer's banishment (and entombment in a cement chamber), this symbol was the one item The Phenom seemed to hold most sacrosanct.

The ghoulish contents of the urn's various incarnations were never revealed, though countless WWE fans vividly recall the chill they experienced when witnessing this strange, brassy token emit supernatural light beams and billow a darkly hued mist. (WATCH)

Who was the masked avenger of WWE TV?

In the weeks leading up to WrestleMania VII, a wildly attired vigilante began a one-man crusade to conquer WWE's most hated Superstars.

Employing a beefy blitzkrieg, the costumed individual inexplicably picked battles with Rick "The Model" Martel and the late Earthquake on WWE TV programs "Superstars" and "Wrestling Challenge."

The secret assailant's motives were never explained and his identity, too, remained an enigma as he concealed most of his face with a do-rag as well as a unique mask that was seemingly unpatriotically spangled with red and blue stars. The puzzling Superstar's plot was briefly lived, however, and after a few hits-and-runs, he was never seen again in WWE, presumably returning to planet Parts Unknown.

Who was behind GTV?

WWE's Unsolved Mysteries

What member of the WWE Universe hasn't wanted to get a peek behind the curtain and within the WWE locker room? Perhaps with this grand desire in mind, one enterprising individual placed video cameras in some of the most unexpected and, frankly, controversial settings: The men's room, the Divas' dressing room and even bedside at the undisclosed hotel room of Mark Henry and Mae Young. (WATCH)

When the mysterious "GTV" logo hit the Titan Tron, it meant trouble for Superstars and Divas, caught in acts they'd rather not be made public, let alone on national television.

The culprit behind this hidden cam handiwork was never revealed - likely for their own good, given the locker room of livid members of the roster - and neither was their intent. But at least it made for some bizarrely revealing scenarios and memorable moments.

Who raised the briefcase in the Ladder Match at the 1999 King of the Ring?

While a slew of Superstars contended for the crown at the King of the Ring on June 27, 1999, Mr. McMahon and son Shane sought a different, arguably more valuable prize. In a Ladder Match against red-hot redneck and then-half-owner of WWE, "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, the McMahon clan aimed to retrieve a briefcase by which they would reclaim full ownership of the company.

In the closing moments, Austin ascended the ladder to secure victory but up, up and away the all-important luggage lifted from the clutches of The Texas Rattlesnake. Instants later, Shane O'Mac clinched the case - now conveniently lowered - to restore the McMahons' rule. Perhaps it was the hand of fate, though likely not, that dangled this baggage by design. Alas, the Chairman's greatest ally this night was never exposed.

What caused the Raw set to fall on Mr. McMahon?

WWE's Unsolved Mysteries

For weeks, the WWE Chairman turned his longest running cable program into Money Night Raw with McMahon's Million Dollar Mania. As viewers got their wallets fattened with the Chairman's own cash, Mr. McMahon actually brought himself closer to the loyal WWE Universe members. However, the Chairman's financial frolicking came to a grim close on June 23, 2008. Amid the monetary merriment, sparks began to fly and a sudden accident struck WWE's figurehead. The Raw set collapsed on Mr. McMahon, nearly crippling him and requiring a recovery period that ultimately led to the demise of his do-gooding. (WATCH | PHOTOS)

Might this have been a premeditated plot executed by an unknown party, or was this a simple yet severe set malfunction? The crushing climax to Million Dollar Mania was never explained and its cause never quite uncovered.

Who was the "impostor" Kane?

In May 2006, Kane became tormented by voices echoing allusions to his past. Soon after they began, the voices manifested themselves on Monday Night Raw in what appeared to be a construct of Kane's mental anguish. It proved to be lethal when that mirror image construct connected his glove with The Big Red Monster's throat for a chokeslam. (PHOTOS)

After weeks of mind games, Kane and his doppelganger met at Vengeance, making for an unusual sight as the 7-footer was defeated by a replica of himself from his masked days in WWE. The Big Red Machine rebounded the next night by confronting the hellion, unmasking his indiscernible foe and forcing him out of the arena. Kane's aberrant double was never seen again, leaving this uncanny occurrence and its latent mystery unsolved.

Who was Raw's Anonymous General Manager?

WWE's Unsolved Mysteries

For much of 2010 and 2011, Monday Night Raw fell under the reign of a computer. Remotely dictating the clashes and events of WWE's premier weekly program, an anonymous General Manager governed Raw via emailed mandates.

With Michael Cole as his personal orator from a symbolic podium, the unknown party made some critical power moves during his or her tenure, which resulted in John Cena's firing, Edge's meltdown, a Cole-Lawler showdown at WrestleMania and more.

The WWE Universe just couldn't put its finger on the individual, though many theories circulated, especially given the GM's perhaps intentional penchant for quoting some of the ring's biggest personalities. Be they red herrings or legitimate clues that he/she dropped, well after the absentee GM's decrees ceased (along with the blinking arena lights and Mac sound effects that accompanied them), the tyrant remains unexposed. And every time our iTunes downloads are complete, we’re reminded of it.

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