WWE Superstars vs. Movie Characters

WWE Superstars vs. Movie Characters

It is easy to see the overlap between the worlds of WWE and motion pictures. Both lay claim to breathtaking stories, heart-pulsing action and, most importantly, memorable characters that explode through the screen. But what would happen if WWE’s best went head-to-head with the most iconic characters from the silver screen? Who would stand triumphant as the audience filed out at night’s end? The results would surely be electrifying, awe-inspiring and anything but anticlimactic. Get your popcorn ready.

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Stephanie McMahon vs. Katniss Everdeen ("The Hunger Games")


WWE Superstars vs. Movie Characters

“The Hunger Games”' Katniss Everdeen has crafted a legacy out of being anti-establishment and prevailing over oppressive authorities … but The Capitol ain’t got nothing on Stephanie McMahon.

Stephanie and Katniss are the complete antithesis of one another. A conflict between the two would be intense, with both women willing to firmly plant their feet into the battlefield, ready to fight for their respective causes. Stephanie would care not for Katniss’ humble beginnings or persevering attitude. And the Hunger Games Champion would be sickened by The Billionaire Baroness’ dictator-like demeanor and distaste for the underdog.

As for the victor? Well, if bows and arrows are legal, then the odds would most definitely be ever in Katniss’ favor. However, for as treacherous as the Hunger Games can be, it is likely that the pride of District 12 has never felt anything nearly as forceful as a Stephanie McMahon slap.

Regardless of the outcome, all 13 Districts and the WWE Universe would collectively watch in astonishment as these girls-on-fire epically clashed. — RYAN PAPPOLLA

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Brock Lesnar vs. Indominus rex ("Jurassic World")


WWE Superstars vs. Movie Characters

It’s already a stretch that any naturally occurring creature could defeat Brock Lesnar in one-on-one combat. So it’s lucky that the folks at "Jurassic World" cooked up a genetically-modified behemoth to handle the burden for the rest of us mere mortals. A walking cocktail of a T. rex, cuttlefish, velociraptor and untold other creatures, the Indominus rex was created to destroy and entertain in equal measure, which sounds an awful lot like The Beast Incarnate. It may seem unfair putting The Anomaly in the ring with a freaking dinosaur, but a Brock Lesnar contest already has the feeling of a monster mash. Why not match The Conqueror up with an actual monster and see which Beast rules the kingdom? And if you do need a leg up, Brock, here’s a free hint on the house: Take the fight to the water. — ANTHONY BENIGNO

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The Undertaker vs. Darth Vader ("Star Wars")


WWE Superstars vs. Movie Characters

The Dark Side’s only big enough for one man in black.

Both menacing in stature with the uncanny ability to suck the life out of a room, Darth Vader and The Undertaker are masters of their crafts, whether it be destroying entire planets with a moon-sized space station or racking up the most impressive winning streak in the history of sports-entertainment. Yet, what would happen if The Dark Lord of the Sith collided with The Demon of Death Valley? They wouldn’t bond over their tortured family lives, that’s for sure.

Assuming Vader’s flesh-searing crimson light saber would be outlawed in this clash between the one-time Anakin Skywalker and The Deadman, the bout would boil down to a duel of the supernatural as Vader’s Force abilities contend with The Phenom’s own dark arts. Although it’s difficult to predict a victor in this Dark Side duel, it should be noted that even though Vader is “more machine now than man,” there’s still good in him, as his son Luke discovered. The same can hardly be said of The Undertaker. — JAMES WORTMAN

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Roman Reigns vs. The Predator


WWE Superstars vs. Movie Characters

The Predator is known for hunting other species for sport, so it’s not unimaginable to think the extraterrestrial could seek out a new challenge and target a WWE Superstar such as Roman Reigns. After all, the creature traveled to Los Angeles to hunt down dangerous gangs in “Predator 2,” so why not enter a WWE ring? The vicious hunter battled a couple of WWE Hall of Famers in Jesse Ventura and Arnold Schwarzenegger in “Predator,” so it wouldn’t be a first.

The Predator has the size and strength advantage over Reigns, along with a body resilient to damage, but don’t count out the powerhouse Superstar in this fight. Reigns’ Superman Punch could prove effective in making his opponent’s face even more grotesque. And who knows, maybe Arnold would join the fight to help the former Shield member out. — SCOTT TAYLOR

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Seth Rollins vs. James Bond


WWE Superstars vs. Movie Characters

Seth Rollins is a master manipulator. He knows how to gain control and fool his minions into risking life and limb to help him keep it. A man as power-mad as Rollins will eventually catch the attention of Britain’s Secret Intelligence Service and its top agent.

Agent 007 James Bond made his name by foiling masterminds like The Architect. He’s a calculating spy, set on defending British interests at all costs, and doing so while dating supermodels and driving Aston Martins.

Bond would have to battle through Oddjob-like attacks from J&J Security and Kane doing his best Jaws impression just to get his hands on Rollins, but that’s when the true fun would begin.

007 and The Architect would surely have some memorable Parkour-filled brawls in alleys and atop moving trains. Bond always wins and saves the day, but that doesn’t mean Rollins won’t severely wound him along the way. — JEFF LABOON

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Dean Ambrose vs. John McClane ("Die Hard")


WWE Superstars vs. Movie Characters

There’s nothing quite like seeing two tough guys in jeans beat each other up.

The parallels between Dean Ambrose and “Die Hard’s” John McClane are obvious: Each have an incredibly high tolerance for pain and both embody the essence of a fighting workingman. It is, however, those exact similarities that would make these two squaring off such an intriguing matchup to watch.

Would either ever give in? Who would develop an ugly gash under their eye first? Which would deliver the better witty zinger in the midst of battle? So many questions, so much brutal, yet blissful potential.

It’s anybody’s guess as to who would ultimately prevail if these two ever did face off in a ring, back alley or the likely option of a locked-down hotel. The only thing for sure is that it has all the makings of a fight bound to go “12 Rounds,” see the loser “Die Hard” and leave the audience salivating for multiple sequels. Yippee-ki-yay! — RYAN PAPPOLLA

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Nikki Bella vs. Regina George ("Mean Girls")


WWE Superstars vs. Movie Characters

The catfight between Nikki Bella and “Mean Girls”' Regina George would shatter all box-office records, whether it took place at WrestleMania or during lunch hour at North Shore High School. These two queen bees are strong, powerful leaders and the objects of desire for pretty much every breathing male walking the planet. If they were ever to cross paths it would certainly result in the most self-centered and catty of conflicts for the ultimate crown.

Just imagine what the buildup for this contest would look like. Nikki Bella would surely be entered into The Burn Book, while Regina would have to put up with weeks of Twin Magic. Nikki’s Team Bella and Regina’s clan of The Plastics would be at constant odds and all of it would be documented on Total Divas!

Now yes, Nikki would have the vast edge in wrestling acumen, but the tougher competitor may actually be Ms. George. After all, she was struck head-on by a school bus … and lived.

This one would be oh so fetch. — RYAN PAPPOLLA

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Bray Wyatt vs. The Ghostbusters


WWE Superstars vs. Movie Characters

They’ve dealt with Class 5 Full-Roaming Vapors, evil slime, haunted medieval paintings and even a demigod masquerading as a 100-foot mound of marshmallow in a sailor hat. Yet, despite their bizarre assignments, nothing could quite prepare Peter Venkman, Egon Spengler, Ray Stantz and Winston Zeddemore for a clash with the backwoods preacher known as Bray Wyatt — a malignant entity with the power to ensnare the minds of innocents and drive his adversaries to the brink of insanity.

Fortunately, these paranormal investigators are in their comfort zone when dealing with wannabe gods, confectionary or otherwise. Upon learning of Wyatt’s nefarious crusade, they’d fire up their proton packs, hop into the Ecto-1 and “follow the buzzards” right into the Wyatt Compound to meet this supernatural threat at the source before he unleashes his macabre brand of chaos across the globe. “Human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together, mass hysteria,” that kind of thing. — JAMES WORTMAN 

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