The man behind Mabel, Viscera and Big Daddy V: An interview with Nelson Frazier Jr.

The man behind Mabel, Viscera and Big Daddy V: An interview with Nelson Frazier Jr.

In June 2008, Nelson Frazier Jr. spoke with WWE Magazine while in the middle of his run as Big Daddy V in the relaunched ECW on Syfy. At the time, the big man was 15 years into his WWE career, enjoying an uncommon run that saw him morph from plus-sized hip hopper to purple-suited sovereign, from demonic automaton to The World’s Largest Love Machine. In the wake of Frazier’s untimely passing, take a moment to learn more about this force of nature who reinvented himself more times than any 487-pound man should have been able to.

WWE MAGAZINE: You were only 21 when you broke into WWE as a member of Men on a Mission back in 1993. Was it tough fitting into a roster full of veterans?

NELSON FRAZIER: There was tremendous pressure. Not only being a big young guy, but also being a young black guy. There are more black Superstars in WWE today than there were when I came up. It was pretty difficult, but it was an experience.

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WWE MAGAZINE: You weren’t the only big man in WWE at that time. What was it like sharing a ring with the monstrous Yokozuna?

FRAZIER: That was very intimidating. It made me appreciate what it must be like for guys to face me in the ring; it’s so awe-inspiring for a human being of that size to move with such grace. It’s truly phenomenal. Yokozuna was full of talent. He wrestled all over the world, he was a way better wrestler than I was, and he took me under his wing and showed me the rights and the wrongs in the ring.

WWE MAGAZINE: There’s an urban legend that a custom title was made for you after you won the King of the Ring in 1995. Could you clarify if that’s true?

FRAZIER: It never made it on TV, and it’s more of a trophy that was made for me. I had the title refurbished a few years ago by Reggie Parks. He makes titles and is a good friend of mine. He took a whole bunch of pictures of it and put them on the internet, and it sounds like an urban legends, but it’s true.

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The man behind Mabel, Viscera and Big Daddy V: An interview with Nelson Frazier Jr.

WWE MAGAZINE: What do you think was your greatest accomplishment in WWE?

FRAZIER: I would have to say being the first to pin The Undertaker clean on a pay-per-view was pretty big. It once took 20 guys to put him in a casket, but I pinned him by myself, and that was the thrill of a lifetime.

WWE MAGAZINE: So, looking back at your long career, do you consider Undertaker your arch nemesis?

FRAZIER: I think I’m his No. 1 arch nemesis! I was the first one to pin him on a pay-per-view, and I crushed his orbital bone and he was forced to wear a mask. We became partners later on, so we have a deep history.

WWE MAGAZINE: You sported many different looks over the years. What was the origin of the blond Mohawk and creepy eyes?

FRAZIER: When I got into wrestling, I bleached my hair blond just for the notoriety. It got to the point where I didn’t need it anymore. I could pretty much wear a mask and people would still recognize me. As for my contacts, they were always annoying. When I was with The Undertaker in The Ministry of Darkness, I had to put them on and, for me, it’s barbaric to touch your own eyeball. It used to take me one hour per eye to get them in.

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WWE MAGAZINE: Sounds like cake in comparison to wearing pajamas in the ring as The World’s Biggest Love Machine.

FRAZIER: I can’t hate on The Love Machine, because that was some of the most fun I’ve ever had. Just to be in the ring with beautiful women like Trish Stratus and Lilian Garcia, and being able to kiss them…it was great, man. How many guys can say that?

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WWE MAGAZINE: Could you explain the meaning behind the large tattoos on your chest?

FRAZIER: It’s the sun and the crescent moon with the North Star. Just to make it simple, it’s a sign of my spirituality and my belief in our universe. I’ll leave it at that.

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