'Total Divas' Season 4, Episode 3 recap: Eva-mania

'Total Divas' Season 4, Episode 3 recap: Eva-mania

It’s WrestleMania time on E!’s “Total Divas,” and being the gracious Divas Champion that she is, Nikki Bella has extended the olive branch to an embattled Eva Marie. Unfortunately, Eva oversteps her bounds during the pair’s peace-offering lunch by taking Nikki to task for failing to adequately police the drama in the locker room. Eva’s declaration that her goal is to change the locker room as champion in her own right burns the bridge. It’s entirely possible that neither of them communicates their feelings well, but either way, Nikki’s cut to the core and Brie has to bring her back to a happy place before their WrestleMania match.

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But before WrestleMania proper, it’s WWE Hall of Fame night, and while Daniel Bryan soldiers his way through an emotional induction for Warrior Award recipient Connor Michalek, Natalya’s own night goes a bit rougher. She’s been handpicked by Alundra Blayze to induct her, but is asked by WWE officials to cut an amusing Arn Anderson anecdote that they fear will draw the ire of The Enforcer. She goes for it anyway.

Come ‘Mania day,  it’s a full docket for the Divas division. First, Nattie and Naomi are batting cleanup for Tyson Kidd & Cesaro and The Usos, respectively, and then it’s The Bellas vs. AJ Lee and Paige, who’s nervous to the point of incoherence but goes out and hits a homer anyway. Divas division for the win.

And, finally, in a follow-up appointment at the fertility clinic, Brie Bella finds that everything checks out and she’s good to go, as is Daniel Bryan. As the man himself says, "yes!"

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