'Total Divas' Season 2, Episode 2 recap: Another one rides the bus

'Total Divas' Season 2, Episode 2 recap: Another one rides the bus

Eva Marie reveals she's going to Afghanistan: Total Divas, March 23, 2014

The Divas are surprised to hear Eva was chosen to visit the Middle East.

We begin where we left off last week on “Total Divas,” with Nikki Bella and John Cena meeting on the pier for A Big Talk, which, as it turns out, is a smashingly successful reconciliation. Even though Cena hasn’t quite budged on his kids-and-family policy, he seems to have generally softened up, which is good enough for Nikki to roll the dice again. In other words, “Nena” is back on.

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And “Braniel” is taking their cues! After peeping Cena’s palatial private bus, Brie Bella convinces Daniel Bryan to try one out for himself during a particularly rough travel loop, but the only way they can justify the cost is to invite the rest of the Total Divas as passengers. Of course, this is the perfect time for Cameron to punish Eva Marie for a completely imagined slight by passing Eva’s racy, pre-WWE model shots throughout the boys’ locker room (the supposed offense in question was a mere case of ballooning ego on Eva’s part). The pics, of course, immediately go viral and Summer Rae is the only Diva to find out the source, so after she snitches to Eva, the claws come out in the confines of the bus.

Cameron remains remarkably haughty in the face of Eva’s righteous anger. Although Naomi convinces her fellow Funkadactyl to say she’s sorry, Eva Marie balks at the half-baked apology and tosses it back in Cameron’s face. GIRL, BYE.

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In other news, Summer Rae’s supposed impudence has roused the ire of Natalya, though their conflict is still limited to queenly gazes of disapproval from the Hart Dungeon veteran. Meanwhile, Nikki fears for her newly rebooted relationship with Cena when Tamina Snuka kicks her in the face so hard she loses a tooth during a match. Cena, to no one’s surprise, remains unfazed. He can’t resist a tooth pun of course, but thankfully it’s nothing too biting. Heyooo!

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