'Total Divas' Episode six recap: Vegas, baby, Vegas!

'Total Divas' Episode six recap: Vegas, baby, Vegas!

Natalya confesses something to the Divas: Total Divas, Sept. 1, 2013

Natalya admits to the other Divas that she's still thinking about Jaret.

It’s Natalya’s bachelorette party and twerking occurs, which is really all that matters here. But if you want a more comprehensive recap of the latest “Total Divas,” we suppose that’s doable as well.

So Nattie, the Divas and a couple Superstars are in Las Vegas for the pre-marriage festivities, and Nattie’s still fielding texts from Jaret the Tanning Guy. Natalya, still apparently new to the texting game, keeps responding to the dude and only the Bellas sense the red flags of an engaged woman phone-flirting with an invested third party. Happily, a glass of champagne and a Chippendale’s show seem to return Natalya to the straight and narrow, and she vows Tyson (TJ)’s the only one for her.

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Nikki’s efforts this week concern the unholy resurrection of her sister’s party-hearty alter-ego, “Brie Mode,” out of monogamy-imposed exile. Brie initially resists her sister’s cajoling, but once she’s imbibed enough cocktails, Breezy does indeed morph into a different Diva (all things considered, though, she keeps her footing when she dances on a couch and that’s more that can be said for Nikki). Brie’s less-than-subtle attempts to hide her state from a presumably-disapproving Daniel Bryan fail horribly, but turns out he’s just glad she had fun.

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Quick hits: Cameron’s (Ariane) boyfriend, Vincent, somehow wheedles his way into the trip and ends up acting a fool in the club, which puts everyone off and leads to a lover’s quarrel on the dance floor. On the bright side, a sloshed Vincent swears an oath of undying loyalty to Jimmy Uso, which is pretty funny.

JoJo’s on the rebound after dumping what’s-his-name and lands on Justin Gabriel as a possible new paramour. Given their age gap and JoJo’s general tendency to get attached, Eva Marie anticipates disaster after the two share a steamy first kiss. Her concerns turn out to be well-founded when she and JoJo spot the “Dare Wolf” prowling the casino floor with a woman who is decidedly not JoJo, and ties are quickly severed. Easy come, easy go.

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