‘I’m prepared for the worst’: Nikki Bella talks to WWE.com about the incident between Stephanie McMahon and Brie Bella

‘I’m prepared for the worst’: Nikki Bella talks to WWE.com about the incident between Stephanie McMahon and Brie Bella

What was supposed to be a heartwarming reunion for The Bella Twins turned physical in a flash on Monday Night Raw when Stephanie McMahon entered into a verbal altercation with Brie Bella, who was seated in the crowd as a paying audience member during Nikki Bella’s match. The confrontation quickly escalated and Stephanie slapped Brie as a result, moments before feeding Nikki to a four-Diva coalition assembled with the sole purpose of taking the “Total Divas” star out.

Later in the night, Brie got her payback by having Stephanie arrested and charged with aggravated battery, but while the former Divas Champion remains relatively bulletproof as a former employee, the future remains uncertain for Nikki Bella. In the first of two interviews with The Bella Twins, WWE.com spoke with Nikki to gauge her feelings on the incident and find out what she thinks The Authority has in store for her next week as punishment.

WWE.COM: Take us back to Monday. How did you feel having Brie at ringside for Raw?

NIKKI: I was so excited to see my sister there. Everything I’ve been going through and what The Authority has put me through, it just felt really good to know my sister was close and supporting me. It made it easier to step into battle  even though it was four-versus-one. I had some confidence knowing my sister was so close. I didn’t imagine everything was going to turn out like it did.

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WWE.COM: What were your thoughts when Stephanie slapped Brie at ringside?

NIKKI BELLA: You know, I had a lot of emotions running through my head. I was in shock, but at the same time I’m proud of Brie for sticking up for herself. In the end, my sister doesn’t work here, so whatever she does with Stephanie that’s on them. At the same time, I do still work here, so there’s a part of me that went, “Oh great, is this gonna affect me?” I was very nervous coming into work [Tuesday]. Honestly, I didn’t even think they were gonna let I have no more family here.me come into work until everything with Stephanie was figured out. I know  she got bailed out of jail at 4:00 in the morning, but I didn’t know if she was gonna be here or go home, so I was very nervous.

But I was very proud of my sister. We’re family, and Daniel Bryan is her husband. She was just sticking up for her family, and I can’t blame my sister for that. Everything that’s been happening to me lately, it’s not Brie’s fault. Daniel has worked so hard in his career to get to where he’s at. And he didn’t ask for his neck surgery. To strip him [of the WWE World Heavyweight Championship] and take everything away from him, was that right? Brie did the right thing by sticking up for her husband and making the decision [to quit]. How do I blame my sister for that? I would do the same thing for John [Cena]. I don’t blame Brie for anything, I’m just proud of her. But I will admit: It made me wonder what’s in store next for me now.

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WWE.COM: That leads into the next question: What do you think you could be put through as a result of all this?

NIKKI: I’m prepared for the absolute worst. I am the lone Bella, I have no more family here. I’m completely by myself. The Authority has the power to turn everyone against me and they have. So here, I stand alone, and Monday I’m prepared to stand more alone than ever. The one thing I’ve said before, the one thing that I’ve been taught is that when you fall, you get right back up. And I’m up. And I will stand tall going into whatever they have for me Monday. I might fall, and I might cry, but I will always stay strong and I’ll stay fearless. That’s all I can be is fearless.

‘I’m prepared for the worst’: Nikki Bella talks to WWE.com about the incident between Stephanie McMahon and Brie Bella

WWE.COM: What have you said to your sister since the incident?

NIKKI: Well, naturally, Brie and I bicker like every 10 minutes about everything in life. So there’s been moments of, “Hey, Brie, you’re there to support me, and then you go call my boss the B-word and get slapped!” So we have those moments of bickering, but I don’t blame Brie for any of this. She’s standing up for what’s right, and that’s all that matters in the end.

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