The Bella Twins’ guide to fantasy football

The Bella Twins’ guide to fantasy football

Mel Kiper, eat your heart out. With the 2013 NFL season upon us, fantasy football is also in full swing. Happily, for those in the WWE Universe suffering from gridiron deficiency and struggling in their fantasy leagues, has the solution: A can’t-miss guide to the top picks in each position, courtesy of the Divas division’s resident sports enthusiasts, The Bella Twins.

  • Quarterback:

BRIE: The Bella Twins’ quarterback pick for fantasy football is, like everyone else’s, Aaron Rodgers. Every year he collects a ton of points because he knows how to throw and gets the boys running.

  • Wide receiver:

NIKKI: The Bella Twins’ pick for wide receiver would be Calvin Johnson with the Detroit Lions. There are so many obvious reasons. He racks up a lot of receiving yards every year and he scores double-digit touchdowns. I definitely think he’s top in the league with his  speed and scoring. He’sthe wide receiver you want.

BRIE: He doesn’t have those butterfingers. He catches the ball.

  • Running back:

BRIE: It’d be stupid of us to say anyone except – who, Nikki?

NIKKI AND BRIE: Adrian Peterson.

BRIE: That’s right, our choice is Adrian Peterson because, let’s get it right, if you get the first pick in fantasy football, this guy should be your first pick. He brings in the most points in fantasy football over Aaron Rodgers, over quarterbacks and wide receivers. You should always get a running back first and it should be Adrian Peterson if you wanna win your fantasy league this year.

  • Tight end:

NIKKI: The Bella Twins’ fantasy football pick for a tight end would be none other than the New England Patriots’ Rob Gronkowski. The Gronk. Let’s face it: He gets insane fantasy football points for the  tight end position. In some games he’s up there with the wide receivers and running backs.

BRIE: He has no fear. Lot of bravery from that one.

NIKKI: And he knows how to dance.

  • Kicker:

BRIE: Our kicker choice would be Matt Bryant from the Atlanta Falcons because he has aloooongkick, and that’s what you need when it comes down to those close, tight games where all you need is a field goal. Our money would be on Matt Bryant.

  • Defensive player:

BRIE: The defensive player that The Bellas would pick is J.J. Watt. And why? Because he is not only humongous and crazy but he knows how to sack, and that’s exactly what he does. He racks up a lot of sacks, he doesn’t let anyone get by him, and he’s tough.

NIKKI: And not only with sacks, he can tackle. And that’s one thing J.J. Watt can do, he can tackle.

BRIE: Sometimes those defensive players are bringing in just enough points to make you win your fantasy football league.

  • Sleeper:

NIKKI: I would say The Bella Twins' pick for sleeper is Julius Thomas, who is tight end for the Broncos. The reason we’re choosing him is we think he and Peyton are gonna have magic this season. I see the Broncos going to the Super Bowl, so expect Julius Thomas to maybe shine like Gronkowski did when he first broke out.

  • So you’re saying Broncos all the way?

NIKKI: Broncos-San Francisco all the way. That’s Nikki Bella’s pick.

BRIE: San Francisco all the way?

NIKKI: I think San Francisco and Broncos all the way.

BRIE: You don’t think the Seahawks are gonna beat San Francisco?

NIKKI: (pause) Nikki Bella says, San Francisco and the Broncos all the way.

BRIE: I think the Seahawks will be taking over the San Francisco 49ers, but I definitely see the Broncos going all the way.

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