WWE.com dating Q&A: The Bella Twins

WWE.com dating Q&A: The Bella Twins

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The WWE Universe has gotten a peek behind the curtain of Diva love lives on E!’s “Total Divas,” but none more so than The Bella Twins, whose relationships with John Cena and Daniel Bryan have taken center stage on the hit show. As the ups and downs of relationship life unfold, Nikki & Brie joined WWE.com for an exclusive chat on their romantic triumphs and tragedies, the one thing they both want in a man, and how a first date at a McDonald’s might not be so bad.

Without further ado, we give you The Bella Twins.

WWE.COM: You both obviously have very different personalities, as we’ve seen on “Total Divas.” What’s the one thing you agree about when it comes to finding a boyfriend?

NIKKI BELLA: I would definitely say humor. Brie and I both love humor. We both love to make each other laugh, so humor would be one.

BRIE BELLA: You’re gonna lose looks when it comes with age, but if you have that sense of humor, it will always keep things great in a relationship.

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WWE.COM: What’s an ideal date night for The Bella Twins and their men?

NIKKI: Ooo, this is a good one. We love to go to dinners, dress up, have a nice bottle of wine and a good medium-rare steak. So, definitely a nice restaurant with some nice wine and great ambiance. We need great ambiance and music. We like easy listening to jazz.

BRIE: An ideal night for myself and my boyfriend would be going to the farmers market, making ourselves a nice meal and then anything outdoorsy. We love walking, going hiking, and then, ending the night together watching a fun movie.

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WWE.COM: What is one perk to dating someone on the WWE roster and one downside?

NIKKI: The one upside is, even though we’re on the road all the time, we actually get to see our boyfriends a lot, which usually doesn’t happen, because usually the boyfriends are at home. So that’s def a perk. Downside … I haven’t found one yet. When I do, I’ll let you know, but as of right now I’m still on cloud nine and everything is perfect.

BRIE: I’d actually have to agree with Nikki with the perk. Being that we’re always gone and not home, it’s nice to see our boyfriends on the road. But, gosh, the downside would have to be that because we’re so busy in this world together, when we go home there’s still the craziness and busyness because we’re both in chaos. I feel like sometimes we always have to remind ourselves, “We need to slow down. Just because our work environment is crazy, doesn’t mean we need to bring the craziness home.”

Nikki Bella and John Cena reenact a scene from "The Notebook": Total Divas, July 28, 2013

Nikki Bella and John Cena share a romantic moment while fishing.

WWE.COM: Have the E! cameras been catching you guys at the right place, right time with Cena and Bryan, or is this what life is really like for you?

NIKKI: Definitely this is what life is like for us. The E! cameras have caught us at the right place, right time, but there are times when you wish they weren’t there. As you will see later on in the season, we have some tough moments that you just don’t want the world to see. Of course, I love that they got the lovey-dovey stuff, but there’s moments with my family that I wish they didn’t get.

BRIE: Ditto.

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WWE.COM: Any advice for us mere mortals on the ideal conversation-starter for a Bella Twin-caliber woman?

NIKKI: I would say either a funny joke or something sarcastic, because it’d make me stop and go “What?” and then have a good laugh, or have something sarcastic to say.

BRIE: This is exactly how Bryan got me: You just come up and start talking hippie language with me. Talk about the environment, world peace, and you have my full attention.

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WWE.COM: What’s the first thing you see in a man and the one thing you couldn’t care less about?

NIKKI: The first thing I see in a man is his smile. I feel how they smile shows how genuine they are and if they have a good personality. The one thing I couldn’t care less about is if they are wealthy or poor.

BRIE: The first thing I see is how he treats people – strangers, animals, his friends and family. I definitely don’t see what people do for a living. I feel that doesn’t define you as a human being; who you are defines you. I couldn’t care less about what you do.

John Cena and Nikki Bella have a heart-to-heart about their relationship: Total Divas, July 28, 2013

Nikki Bella wants to know where her relationship with John Cena is headed.

WWE.COM: First dates. What was the best one and the worst one?

NIKKI: On my best first date, there was a very big, handsome man with an amazing smile and dimples. Even though we were both out of town, he came to my hotel and picked me up as if we were in the same city, and took me to a nice steakhouse. We just talked and chatted for hours. That first one went into the second one where we just had an amazing dance in the middle of the restaurant. No one’s ever done that with me, and yes that was John. So he’s awesome.

My worst was when someone took me to dinner and wanted extra meat sauce on their pasta. When the waitress brought their spaghetti he screamed out loud, “EXTRA MEAT SAUCE!!!” and made me pay the tab. I’ve never been more embarrassed in my life.

BRIE: My best first date was to a museum. It was at the Isabella in Boston.

NIKKI: Who was that?

BRIE: Yes, it was Bryan. It was a beautiful date. The worst [date] I’ve ever been on was with this guy who told me he wanted me as his Thursday girl and I found out he was married. Ugh. Disgusting.

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WWE.COM: We’re going to see a wedding later this season on “Total Divas.” What is your ideal wedding ceremony?

NIKKI: My ideal wedding ceremony would be either at a vineyard in Napa or Sonoma County. Just in a cabernet or Pinot Noir vineyard with a red piano playing music at sunset. That would be perfect.

BRIE: I think you all know it would def be out in nature. I would like it out in the trees, kind of like a forest feel with nice, beautiful sun. I’d like my reception to be like walking into a secret garden.

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WWE.COM: What is one common dating myth that men should disregard?

BRIE: Hmm … that nowadays, women should take care of the bill on the first date, just because nowadays they’re more known more for their jobs. Go old school. Take care of the bill.

NIKKI: I have to agree with my sister. You gotta keep it old school. Even if you can’t afford a nice dinner, it doesn’t mean you have to take her to a nice dinner. Go somewhere where there’s a happy hour. Even if it’s McDonald’s, on a first night it’s about a first impression. You take care of your woman; make her feel like a lady and a princess.

[Editor’s note: If you are on a first date with a woman who looks remotely like a Bella Twin, do not take her to McDonald’s.]

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WWE.COM: Looks, money and personality. You can have two but one has to go; which do you pick?

NIKKI: Ooo, that’s tough. I’d say looks and personality have to stay. Money can go, because I’m a successful, independent woman myself, but I’m a very passionate person and I like being attracted to my man. I could lie in bed with him the rest of my life and look at him and laugh, so I say looks and personality.

BRIE: Personality’s definitely one. I could say looks, but I think not a lot of people have the same taste as I do. I love lumberjacks, as you can tell, and maybe not everyone does. Money’s kind of nice too, just because it’s nice not to stress. So if you can be OK for the rest of your lives and enjoy the world, then I’m going to say personality and money.

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