Back to where the “big boys play”

Back to where the “big boys play”

On March 26, 2001, one of the most important and shocking moments in sports-entertainment history occurred. Amid rumors and speculation, it was finally confirmed that WWE had acquired longtime rival World Championship Wrestling (WCW). The bitter television struggle known as “The Monday Night War” officially came to an end.

On this historic evening, WCW Monday Nitro and WWE Monday Night Raw were simulcast as Mr. McMahon prepared to reveal his plans for the company that once belonged to Ted Turner. The final broadcast also treated WCW fans to one final night celebrating the competitiveness and history of WCW, rather than the disarray of the company’s final days.

Now, 10 years later, join as we revive to learn about, celebrate and remember the history and the competitors of the once mighty organization known as World Championship Wrestling.

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