See how The Game trained for “End of an Era”

See how The Game trained for “End of an Era”

Triple H discusses his intense workout prior to WrestleMania 28 gives an inside look at Triple H's intense workout before his "End of an Era" match with Undertaker. To learn more about Triple H's trainer Joe DeFranco and his world famous gym check out

One of the defining traits of WWE COO Triple H as an in-ring competitor is his superb physical conditioning. Though it’s no secret the author of the bodybuilding bible “Making the Game” prides himself on his punishing workouts, a detailed breakdown of Triple H’s complete Road to WrestleMania XXVIII workout is now available online.

In an article titled “ Changing ‘The Game,’” Joe DeFranco, founder and owner of DeFranco’s Training Systems, LLC, and the architect behind The Cerebral Assassin’s rigorous workout, outlines Triple H’s exact training regimen the final week before his “End of an Era” Hell in a Cell Match against The Undertaker.

According to DeFranco, The Game’s trainer of two years, Triple H was at his physical peak going into the brutal contest. Through a multifaceted program that involved, among other remarkable exercises, flipping 500-pound tires, Triple H entered the match weighing 256 pounds with only 7.2 percent body fat.

Though he lost the bout, the shredded Triple H stayed step-for-step with The Phenom until the final bell. At one point, he amazingly escaped the dreaded Hell’s Gate submission hold by deadlifting the 330-pound Phenom. ( TRIPLE H'S WRESTLEMANIA MOMENTS)

“Most people would be shocked to hear that we train at 10 p.m. until midnight most of the time,” DeFranco wrote. “They also aren't aware of the painful injuries that Triple H has sustained during his legendary career ... and I'm sure they have no clue that Triple H only gets one to two hours of sleep most nights when traveling.”

To view the complete workout log, visit DeFranco's Training Systems' official website.

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