Cole in "WWE '12": The pleasure's all yours

Cole in "WWE '12": The pleasure's all yours

THQ’s “WWE ’12” has one of the biggest rosters in video game history, featuring a variety of WWE Superstars, Divas and Legends. The latest installment in WWE's best-selling video game franchise includes all of the WWE’s biggest names – John Cena, The Rock, Michael Cole, CM Punk ...

Hold on – Michael Cole?

Yes, it's true. The downloadable content for “WWE ‘12” allows players to "be" Michael Cole, if that’s your thing. In fact, Cole recently took time to talk with about his feelings on his video game character.

“The Cole Miners have been begging for this. They’ve been begging for more Cole, not only on video games, but on the website and on television all over the world,” he proclaimed.

The Raw SuperShow announcer praised THQ for how realistic his character looks, especially his trademark orange singlet. “It’s the best part of the game,” Cole proudly said. “Who wouldn’t want to play as Michael Cole in my classic orange singlet that I debuted at WrestleMania, and that’s made appearances at other pay-per-views and, of course, on Monday Night Raw? Man, I think I’ll play as myself all the time.”

Cole is so proud of his video game character that he took the time on SmackDown to show a virtual beatdown where he captured the World Heavyweight Championship from Daniel Bryan. Although the WWE Universe can be thankful that real life doesn’t reflect video games, Cole has ideas of what his loyal fans can do with him in “WWE ’12.”

“I think we are going to take on the best of the best. We’ll knock off Cena. Probably take out the Big Show to show Cole’s dominance. The Celtic Warrior, Sheamus? Cole’s going to take him out as well. I think Cole may be undefeated in this game,” he boasted about his video game “self”.

Still, Michael Cole isn’t completely pleased with THQ. In fact, he was downright livid after discovering that a certain WWE Hall of Fame announcer is also a downloadable character.

“Wait a minute – Jim Ross is a character in this game? You can actually wrestle with J.R.? I thought this game was about athletes. I didn’t think it was about being able to eat ribs or sit on your couch and watch television with your remote control or just to be fat,” he angrily told

Once he found out his biggest rival was in the game, Cole altered his plans for when he picks up the controller to play “WWE ’12.”

“I’ll probably have a tournament where I beat everyone in the WWE. I’ll probably put Jim Ross in the first round. Actually, he’ll probably just be part of my preseason. I don’t even think he deserves to actually be a part of the season at all with me,” he declared.

Both Michael Cole and Jim Ross are available now for download on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Cole’s ego may require extra hard drive space, though.

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