WWE Superstars endorse 'The Condemned'

WWE Superstars endorse 'The Condemned'

WWE Superstars' rave reviews are rolling in for The Condemned. The WWE Films action/adventure flick starring "Stone Cold" Steve Austin hits theaters nationwide Friday.

"It was cool seeing Stone Cold on the big screen. The fight scenes were awesome," Carlito said. "There were a lot of intense action sequences, plus there was some comedy in it. I thought it was a really, really good film."

The Condemned reminded Tommy Dreamer of one of his favorite movies, Escape from New York, which featured wrestler Ox Baker.

"I thought The Condemned had an amazing concept. Stone Cold did a great job acting. He didn't stretch or stray away from who he is. If you're a fan of Stone Cold, you'll be a fan of The Condemned," Dreamer told WWE.com.

CM Punk called The Condemned an updated combination of Running Man and the Japanese film Battle Royale.

"I'm not sure if that's what they're going for, but that's what it reminded me of," Punk said. "The Condemned had the perfect protagonist -- ‘Stone Cold' Steve Austin. Everybody loves to cheer for the guy. It's Stone Cold, being Stone Cold, just kicking a whole lot of butt and taking a whole lot of names."

It's no secret that The Condemned is a hard-hitting flick filled with action and adventure.

"I'm a big fan of action in movies. That's why I liked it. I thought it was awesome," Domino said. "Deuce and Domino, we're pretty tough guys ourselves, so we can appreciate that kind of movie."

Domino called Stone Cold Hollywood's next big action star.

"If he can do what he did in the ring in Hollywood, he's going to be the man in Hollywood," Domino said.

With just a tad of reticence, Jonathan Coachman agreed with Domino's sentiment.

"Despite the fact that Stone Cold and I have had our differences, when I saw The Condemned, what I saw on the screen was a bona fide movie star, a bona fide action star, and a man who commanded the screen," Coachman said.

Michelle McCool, an admitted romantic comedy fan, said she could see Stone Cold venturing off into other movie genres.

"You know what I liked about The Condemned? It's Stone Cold being Stone Cold, and that's what was awesome to me. I can't wait to see more movies that are maybe a little more out of his element. I'm sure he'll do just as well," McCool said. "I'd love for him to do a romantic comedy! I loved those little one-liners in there -- you know, ‘Let's go, sweetheart.' I loved it!"

Cryme Tyme's JTG said Stone Cold's character, Jack Conrad, is just Stone Cold with the volume turned up.

"Stone Cold, I'm feelin' his character, you know? He kept the straight 'hood in there," JTG said. "The 'hood is going to love that. Are you feelin' me?"

It seems Matt Striker has interpreted The Condemned on a deeper level.

"From an educated man's perspective, one would think that I would go into this movie of action and brutality and basically not want to visualize it. But there's a message in this movie. I believe the character that ‘Stone Cold' Steve Austin plays -- Jack Conrad -- really represents society. ‘Stone Cold' Steve Austin embodies society's desire to do the right thing," Striker explained.

He gave the movie an A, but not an A-plus, since it doesn't feature Matt Striker, your teacher. Striker also said he appreciated the powerful female characters in The Condemned. Kristal agreed.

"The chicks were awesome, which I love. It was cool. I really like the fact that they made the women very strong," Kristal said, recommending all WWE fans see it.

Elijah Burke called The Condemned "an action-packed adventure from start to finish."

"The Condemned says a lot about WWE Films and the franchise. It says we have a lot to look for in the future," Burke said.

Kenny said The Condemned is his favorite of the WWE Films releases because it had the perfect mix of action and drama, not to mention Stone Cold.

"Stone Cold's great all around. Whether it be in the ring or out of the ring, he's great at what he does," Kenny said.

Chris Masters said Stone Cold's major motion picture debut is destined for success.

"He's got a heck of a future in movies and acting," Masters said. "My favorite was the action and the fight scenes, seeing Stone Cold throw down. It's one thing seeing him in a ring, but seeing him on the big screen was unbelievable."

Ashley said seeing the premiere of the movie at Detroit's Fox Theatre among thousands of WWE fans was a highlight of her WrestleMania week.

"I've never seen a movie with so many people in my life in a theater. It was a great movie," she said. "It was awesome to have the WWE fans in the background, actually reacting to Stone Cold."

Paul London, who insisted The Condemned just might be the best movie he's ever seen, said the WWE fans should be thanked for the success of WWE Films.

"We have a faithful fan following. Not to say that WWE Superstars are not multi-talented, but I think WWE fans deserve a lot of credit," London said.

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