Nonpoint finds perfection with WWE

Nonpoint finds perfection with WWE

The unique sounds of Nonpoint may be familiar to WWE fans, especially those who have played the popular video game SmackDown vs. Raw 2007 - which Nonpoint supplied two songs to the game soundtrack -- "Bullet With a Name" and "Alive and Kicking".

Nonpoint's lead singer Elias told that getting the call from THQ to supply the songs was an honor.

"Somebody from THQ called and they were very excited about the songs and wanted to get them on SmackDown vs. Raw," he said. "Obviously we said yes because any affiliation with WWE is exciting for us. We all grew up on wrestling and are still huge fans. With gaming being popular now, and all of us being gamers as well, this was a perfect fit."

"Bullet With a Name" is once more being used by WWE, this time in the McStarley Profile trailer for WWE Films The Condemned. Elias explained that their song seemed like a perfect fit.

"The movie is about people out to kill each other and it's all videotaped for viewing enjoyment of general public." He continued, "running for your life and knowing who your opponent is -- there is no more perfect definition of Bullet with a Name."

Nothing prepared Elias or the rest of his Nonpoint band mates for the response from WWE fans.

"Surprisingly our biggest response has come from WWE fans," Elias said. "We've gotten more response from people hearing our song on SmackDown vs. Raw than from when we had a song on the Miami Vice soundtrack. WWE fans embrace the music because their loyalty is second to none, much like the fans of Nonpoint."

During WrestleMania weekend, Nonpoint played live during the THQ Superstar Challenge in Detroit. "It was great. To be in Detroit where we have a lot of fans, and to be with the die hard WWE fans and wrestlers was amazing." He added, "THQ and WWE know how to throw a party."

WWE fans can look forward to more from Nonpoint in the future, as they have a new album being recorded, summer tours upcoming and a possible involvement with SmackDown vs. Raw 2008.  For Nonpoint's new album, they are thinking about a different approach. "We decided on this record to have more fight songs. Songs to get people moving around on dance floors and pumping their fists in the air."

Finally for those WWE fans that want more of Nonpoint now, Elias has a simple message: "We have some tours coming up in the summer, and the best thing for fans is to stay informed by checking our site."

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