Stone Cold bottom lines it on MSG

Stone Cold bottom lines it on MSG

NEW YORK -- "Stone Cold" Steve Austin talked all things WWE and The Condemned on MSG, NY on the MSG network Thursday night. It was just one of many pit stops Stone Cold is making to promote The Condemned, which hits theaters tomorrow.

Host Scott Lastey surprised Stone Cold off by throwing out a name from his past -- Frogman LeBlanc -- Stone Cold's opponent of his first televised match, which earned him $40.

"Forty bucks was a lot of money back in those days," Stone Cold said. "Because from then on I made $15 or $20 a night for a long time."

Moving on to The Condemned, Stone Cold discussed how he became involved with WWE Films, and how he fell into the Jack Conrad role. He told Lastey he originally was slated to play the McStarley role, which wound up going to Vinnie Jones.

Stone Cold also talked about the plot of the movie, which involves 10 inmates condemned to die on death row, who are bought by a producer and put on an island where they must fight to survive. Lastey mentioned there's a moral to the story.

"It's a violent movie. It's rated R. But it's a lot of fun," Stone Cold said. "If something like this did happen, I'd log on to check it out. I don't know how long I'd watch. My curiosity would get the best of me and I'm going to watch."

Stone Cold admitted he suffered a black eye during a fight scene at the beginning of The Condemned shoot. While they covered up the black eye with makeup for filming, Stone Cold said he didn't soon forget it.

"I'll go ahead and bottom line it -- I owe that guy a big receipt," he laughed.

"We're trying to find another movie, and when I get that next movie, there's going to be a very, very short scene with him in it. I'm going to give him his receipt. Then we're going to snub him, and get him out!" he joked.

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