'Muscle & Fitness' names The Rock as their 'Man of the Century'

'Muscle & Fitness' names The Rock as their 'Man of the Century'

Founded as "Your Physique," by Joe Weider in 1940, "Muscle & Fitness" has evolved over 75 years to become the premier source and publication for a healthier lifestyle from bodybuilders to marathon runners. Although WWE Hall of Famer Arnold Schwarzenegger can be credited as perhaps most synonymous with the publication, "Muscle & Fitness" has named Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson as their "Man of the Century."

Citing his transition from WWE Superstar to Hollywood actor to pop culture icon, "Muscle & Fitness" also credits The Rock's emergence on social media in recent years by inspiring millions of young people to stay positive and live a healthy lifestyle. The Great One's Instagram is often a source of motivation by noting how discipline in the gym can breed success in life outside it.

The issue, available now, also features seven life lessons from The People's Champ to achieve your personal, professional and fitness goals.

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