The Miz hosts 'Middle of the Night Show'

The Miz hosts 'Middle of the Night Show'

WWE Superstar The Miz is set to appear this week on MTV’s new series,  “Middle of the Night Show.”

The weekly comedy talk show reimagines late-night talk shows with a crew and live band crashing the bedroom of an unsuspecting celebrity to host the show and head out to the streets of New York City.

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Hosted by Brian Murphy, “Middle of the Night Show” turns up the pressure on celebrity hosts and reveals how they handle themselves unprepared and on little sleep.WWE’s resident A-list Hollywood icon, The Miz, is definitely up for the challenge.

"The Miz was awesome. Our show requires the guest host to do a lot of improvising, so he was a perfect fit,” Murphy said. "He’s the only guest we’ve had who wore a suit like a proper late night host. That was pretty impressive, considering we had a food fight in a super market that episode. What can I say? The Miz is all class."

A lifelong WWE fan, Murphy made sure to issue a small challenge to The Awesome One.

"I’ve always been a huge WWE fan, so working with The Miz was amazing. After we woke him up, we surprised him with a tag team pillow fight that ended with Miz pummeling me with a pillow. That means I technically competed with a WWE Superstar. Check that one off the bucket list."

“Middle of the Night Show,” guest-starring The Miz, airs this Thursday night at 11/10 C on MTV.

Miz fans, also don't miss The Awesome One on "NFL Fantasy Live" this Friday at 5/4 C on NFL Network and online at

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