Visiting Ca$hville with Young Buck

Visiting Ca$hville with Young Buck

G-Unit member Young Buck and ECW's Elijah Burke have one thing in common: They are both fast-rising stars.

Young Buck has topped the charts with his second solo album, Buck the World, and has become one of hip hop's entrepreneurs. He has his own record label, Ca$hville Records, and has just signed the Tupac-Shakur-founded Outlawz to the label.

In addition to his own solo projects, Buck is working with his group 615, has his own clothing line and is pursuing a film career. He took time out of his busy schedule to chat with Burke, who also hopes to take over ECW with his New Breed of athleticism:

Burke: You're doing your thing, man. Just wanted to holla at you for a minute, ask you a couple of questions to get a different perspective of you. Maybe we can find out stuff about you that folks don't know. … I got your debut CD Straight Outta Ca$hville, and I know you just released your new album, Buck the World. What's different in Straight Outta Ca$hville from the one you just released, Buck the World? What can the fans expect?

Buck: With this album [Buck the World] you get the same street, hardcore records that I'm usually doing. There are a lot of people that's not from the environment that I'm from, and they try to get in touch with Young Buck. I'm from the ghetto; I'm from the hood, ya know? And that's why my music is based on a lot of the reality of what's going down in the hood. I try to keep my music based on reality, on what's crackin'. There are a lot of people that ain't coming from this environment, man. I cater to those that cater to me. In this album you got Linkin Park. Eminem helped produce this one crazy song I did. So, I just try to mix it up to cater to those that cater to me. You know what I mean?

Burke: That's good stuff, man. On your first album, you had some collaborations with 50 Cent, Ludacris, Lloyd Banks and what not. Do you prefer doing solo projects more than collaborative?

Buck: Yeah, I enjoy doing it all, but I enjoy doing my solo records more than anything. I get a chance to make an album with what's going on in my life. With the collaborative [projects], I'm just trying to make a record that fits everybody. The solo records are more me. I like being involved as much as possible.

Burke: You also got your clothing line out called David Brown. Why is it called David Brown?

Buck: That's my government name, man.

Burke: I figured as much. [laughs]

Buck: I am able to get around, and break out of them government chains. I figure, ‘Why not? I ain't doing nothing wrong.' At the end of the day it's catchy. David Brown sounds like a casual type of name, so I pretty much put more casual clothing under that name. Under Cherokee, I put more street clothing under that name, but it's all under David Brown. … I started with the male clothing for the first couple months and then I'll start doing the female stuff. I'm doing good with pre-orders though. I got a lot of chain stores pre-ordering my clothing and I got a lot of other big stores [pre-ordering]. It's looking pretty good that we'll have things in stores by November.

Burke: That's tight. I ain't got there yet, but trust me, I'm following in all my brothers footsteps, because I look forward to doing the same thing. So, you work on your own record label, right?

Buck: For sure, kid. Ca$hville records. I'm doing a deal with KOCH [Entertainment] Distribution. And I'm gonna do an independent deal.

Burke: Where are you looking to go next, acting or get into movies?

Buck: I got three films going on right now in the making. One is in August, I think it's a Mad Dog Film, written by the director who wrote Chavs. My own film is from stories that I've been working on. … I'm trying to hit the gym now to get a couple of somethin'-somethin' for roles that I'm trying to get. My direction is to do rap, but there are a lot of things that I like to do, such as the movie thing. I like the whole business. I like to hustle on and off the record of rap. I also got a chain of clothing stores called Hang Time up in Nashville, Indianapolis and in Virginia. We are moving around, and I want come to Atlanta. I try to go wherever the money is, and where there ain't no money, I try to bring the money there.

Burke: That's fa sho. Alright man. Imma let ya go cause I know you're about to hit the gym. As you know I'm a professional athlete, and I get in the ring on a nightly basis and go to the gym alot as well. But I'm gonna ask you this: With your busy schedule and all, and everything that going on with ya,  do you ever get the chance to check out your boy, Elijah Burke, on Tuesday nights on ECW on Sci Fi?

Buck: For sure, man. All the time!

Burke: Fa sho dawg, that wassup! Aiight man, take care, and good luck in your future endeavors, dawg.

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