Going to the dark side with Michael Myers

Going to the dark side with Michael Myers

In the latest Superstar to Superstar, we continue our spooky theme, as Kevin Thorn talks to Tyler Mane of Halloween. Just what transpires when the ECW Superstar meets the man who plays Michael Myers in Rob Zombie's horror flick, which just came out on DVD? Read on to find out …

Kevin Thorn: Hello, Tyler.

Tyler Mane: How're you doing, Kevin?

K: Good, man. How about yourself, you doing all right?

T: I'm hanging in there.

K: Man, that's a good thing, huh?

T: Yes, it is.

K: So where you at now? You out in L.A.?

T: Yeah, I'm out in L.A. enjoying the sun.

K: Oh, man, you gotta love it. I'm in Indianapolis enjoying the cold.

T: Oh yeah, you're probably freezing right about now.

K: Yeah, pretty much.

T: You didn't go over to Iraq?

K: No, man. My crew of ECW and SmackDown ended up in Ireland for two days, Germany and then Switzerland.

T: Very cool.

K: Yeah, it's a pretty cool trip. We almost died in a plane wreck, but other than that (laughs), it was a pretty cool trip.

T: I don't miss traveling like that.

K: No, not at all. Well, I have some questions for you …

T: Well, let 'em rip.

K: All right, man, let's do this. Let's have some fun. My life coach said the reason why I am so anti-social is something in my past. Was there something in your past that made you feel the Michael Myers character in Halloween a little bit better?

T: Yeah, man, I was one of those tall, skinny kids when I was growing up and I got picked on. So I kind of know how Michael Myers felt. I channeled that a little bit. But I think everyone goes through phases in their life when they haven't been too popular or had bad times and I just reflected on that and used that.

K: Definitely. I feel you there. As a red-headed kid growing up in school, I understand getting picked on all the time.

T: You just have to think of where those people are now and where you are now, and it's all good, right?

K: Oh, bro, you don't even understand. I love it every time I walk out of that curtain. Every time.

T: There's nothing like that rush.

K: Nothing like it at all, man. It says here you watched all of the Halloween movies, except for Halloween III, to prepare for this role.

T: I wanted to see what the other Michael Myers did. Michael Myers in the past had been pretty much a one-dimensional character and I wanted to bring a little bit more to it. And when Rob [Zombie] talked to me for the first time, he said, "I want this to be the Michael Myers story." So I watched all the other ones to see what everybody was looking for and there were some certain things Michael Myers does, like the walk, the way he tilts his head and just the way that he attacks his victims, you know? I wanted to get that and I wanted to kick it up a notch, which I think we did pretty good.

K: Oh, I think you definitely did. Tell me what it was like working with Rob. Rob seems like a pretty out-there dude, to me. He's got that thick imagination that attracts attention.

T: Yes, he does. You know the first time I worked with Rob, I worked with him on Devil's Rejects where I took over the role of Rufus and that was a four-day thing. Rob was doing this Halloween and he actually wrote it with me in mind. When he called and said, "Hey, do you want to do this Michael Myers role?" I kind of had some reservations in the beginning. But he said, "No, no, no. It is going to be the Michael Myers story and I want YOU to play Michael Myers." He said, "If you don't do it, I don't want to do it." Rob is just a fantastic guy to work with. He's a fan of the horror films. He's done tons of research and he knew what he wanted to do with it. He wanted to tell the story kind of like a prequel, sequel and a re-telling of the whole Michael Myers' Halloween situation. And that's what he did. He's got a vision. He knows what he wants to do and he gets it.

K: Without a doubt. You played Sabretooth, you played Michael Myers. Put them in a room together, who wins?

T: Boy, that's a hard one. You know, you could also throw King Ajax from Troy in there, too.

K: You know, I was actually going to go there and I was actually going to, with me being Kevin Thorn, maybe throw Thorn in there from Black Mask 2.

T: (Laughs) You've done your research. Man, that's hard to say. That'd be a hell of a fight. I'd beat the hell out of myself pretty good, wouldn't I?

K: Or do we bring Big Sky in, too, and we throw them all in and see who comes out the winner? Big over the top Battle Royal.

T: Oh! That'd be hard to say. If it's ECW rules where anything goes, I don't know. That'd be a tough call.

K: Throw Michael Myers the knife and maybe, just maybe …

T: Just maybe. He's a pretty sick dude, he's pretty warped. You know what, I would put my money on Michael Myers.

K: I would have to say so without a doubt. Although Ajax with the big hammer, I don't know.

T: That's pretty intimidating, too.

K: Exactly. So what made you decide to transition from wrestling to acting?

T: I was just getting sick and tired of getting dropped on my head and I needed to make that transition, do something different. Acting seemed to be the way to go. When I was with the WCW, they were doing the universal action pack and they wanted a tall, blond wrestler for one of the roles in the bandit series. And I ended up getting it and found out that it was a lot better hanging out at the craft services than in airports. Knock on wood, it's been going pretty good.

K: I would definitely say so, man. Any good, old stories of wrestling? Any one fond memory or not so fond memory that you can throw out there?

T: The one that kind of sticks in mind is wrestling in South Africa and there was like a 10,000-person riot. I was stuck in the ring for quite a while with a pile of chairs. They didn't like me too much over there. Then I remember wrestling in England one time and a little old lady hit me with a purse and I would swear she had a brick in it.

K: Without a doubt. There were probably a few Michael Myers in the crowd in South Africa with some knives, too. I can only imagine.

T: It got a little hairy there. You hear the gunfire out there and stuff like that, wondering where the heck you are. … But that was many years ago.

K: A little bit strange, not a lot though.

T: My whole wrestling career was a great stepping stone to where I am today. It's just been a fantastic ride, man.

K: What's next? Any plans for the future?

T: I pick my projects pretty carefully. I've got a couple of projects I've been signed to, but with this writers' strike, who knows when they're going to take off. I'm also working on some projects of my own, so we'll see. There are definitely things in the works

K: Sounds cool. Sounds very cool. Well, man, I appreciate your time for sure. I look forward to watching Halloween, which came out on DVD on the 18th. It's a great stocking stuffer for any fan of Kevin Thorn, Michael Myers and definitely you.

T: But I don't know if they would haved wanted to put it in the stocking because that's usually what you open first. And then if you have that, you'll be running to the DVD player and putting it in and not opening the other presents. So maybe you want to wrap it and stick it under the tree or whatever, you know what I'm saying?

K: I got you there.

T: I'm just giving people a little bit of advice.

K: (Laughs) Without a doubt. Well, very cool, man. I appreciate your time. And if there's anything you want to add to the fans of WWE, please feel free to.

T: I just want to say the WWE is a fantastic organization. The ECW and you guys have got some great talent there and I enjoy watching it all the time.

K: All right, man, we appreciate it. Big support for your DVD, Halloween, and big support in the future, without a doubt. And look forward to seeing what you've got next for us.

T: Very cool, man. Thanks, Kev. Great talking to you.

K: Good talking to you, too. Thanks.

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