Swapping scary stories with the star of 'Hatchet'

Swapping scary stories with the star of 'Hatchet'

ECW's Elijah Burke swaps scary stories with Deon Richmond, star of Hatchet. When the ECW Superstar delves a little deeper with Deon, Elijah realizes he's made a "Bud"-dy. Read on and check out the unrated director's cut of Hatchet, out on DVD now.

Elijah: How are you?

Deon: I'm all right, man, how are you?

E: I'm doin', you know. I was just in the gym, doing my thing. I'm preparing for my on-screen appearance this Tuesday, but I want to talk to you about your on-screen appearance.

D: Of course, man, please do.

E: All right. So you know, I'm calling to holla at you about your movie, Hatchet. I heard It's a slasher flick. I guess you all filmed it in Louisiana?

D: Right, Louisiana. We filmed it mostly in California, but we went down there to do the exterior shots, to make it more official.

E: That's the place to do it at, my friend.

D: Indeed.

E: So the Hatchet director's cut was out on Dec. 18. Tell me a little about the film. What's Hatchet about?

D: The movie is about a tour group who takes a swamp tour through New Orleans. There's a legend that lives in the swamp, who goes by the name of Victor Crowley. When he was a kid, his father -- in a horrible accident -- helped kill him, basically. So now his father has been sick, and has died, sick and lonely, and all you hear in the forests or into the swamp deep enough, is him screaming for his father.

E: Oh no!

D: So, we get on that swamp tour, and we get a little of that action going.

E: So check this out -- you've got a lot of old school horror flicks coming back. You know, they have remakes being made of the old school stuff you and I probably grew up on. So why is Hatchet billed as old school, American horror?

D: Because basically it's like what we grew up on. What we've been seeing lately is a completely different version of that, like the thrillers. They're really trying to get into your mental, as opposed to just physically and emotionally. It's like they're really trying to mess with people's heads with these movies. It's different. This whole new genre of horror is like torture horror. So the more you can torture someone, the more you can rip someone up and do some stuff, the more it becomes amusing to people, and that's a little scary. We grew up when it was strictly about your fear. We know you fear, we know what to give you. We give you a central enemy. We all hate him together, we all run from him together, we can all chase him together, you know? Now it's like they're making you scared of your next door neighbor. Any average Joe can be the monster.

E: You sound like you're a rescuer. What's your role in the movie? The hero?

D: I wish I was, yeah! (Laughs) I'm not exactly the hero. Basically, I'm one of the tour members who goes on the swamp tour and has to run for my life.

E: I gotcha. Speaking of running, now check this out, I know all about that. I was on Ghost Hunters, and I was at Waverly Hills Sanatorium. A ghost came and touched me on my shoulder.

D: Wow!

E: Yeah, you want to talk about running! Check that out if you've got time. Well, back to that, man. So what's the goriest scene that you're involved in?

D: Well, I've got some good stuff. Now that the movie's out, I can say it. The goriest scene I'm involved in -- my arms get ripped off.

E: No!

D: (Laughs) But that doesn't mean you die, you know what I mean? You can live with ripped-off arms. We've seen it happen.

E: (Laughs) Wow! So was there a lot of blood with it?

D: It is. It is. There's a whole lot of blood, man. It's basically like old school. It's all splattering blood and running away from this monster we all can't get away from, you know, that kind of deal.

E: So were you actually ever scared while you were filming the movie? Did it ever make you jump?

D: There were a couple of things that will make you jump. Like [Kane Hodder] had this thing about not letting us see how he looked before we actually had any scenes with him. So he would also walk around -- because he was also the stunt coordinator. He played Jason in Friday the 13th. He's one of the legends. He played our Victor Crowley, but he was also our stunt coordinator. The funny thing about that was he'd walk around, coordinating stunts in this big hood and this big trench coat, ready to tape. So it was scary.

E: Wow. Wow. That's pretty cool man, because when you're filming scenes like that you need to get your mind a little psyched up. … So, like I said, the director's cut of Hatchet is available on DVD. What can the fans, including myself, see in the director's cut of the movie that we can't see on the big screen?

D: You'll get to see a lot of the gore that they had to take out. I don't know why, but for some reason we got an NC-17 rating the first time we went out for our rating.

E: Oh no!

D: Yeah. So we got an NC-17, but movies like Saw, where they can cut off limbs and rape women, gets an R. It's crazy, so, we had to deal with that. So I guess, basically, what you'll see when you get the DVD is a lot more amazing death scenes, a lot more of us running, dying and screaming. You get a lot more blood. So it's some fun. Plus, you get to see the interviews with us on set, and running around and running away from the monster. It's laidback, like we had fun a little bit, you know?

E: Well, it's all about the fun, you know that.

D: Right.

E: Again, it's old school American horror. And we grew up on Jason, Freddy, Michael Myers and all that stuff. So why do you think the WWE fans of today will enjoy your movie, Hatchet?

D: Because it's old school American horror, man. It's basically what we've all been waiting to see. We've had a lot of stuff going on where it hasn't happened the way we'd like it, I'm sure. So we're back in action now.

E: That's what it's all about. That's what it's all about. … So check this out, I am done with the Hatchet part of this interview. I am doing my own thing right now. I have a question that I want to ask you. I was doing some research up on you, man, because I'm the type of person who likes to get personal when we talk, you know what I'm saying? I don't want to come across like someone from ABC, NBC; I don't want to be a newscaster or anything like this. So tell me this … are you "Bud" from The Cosby Show?!

D: Of course I am, yeah! (Laughs)

E: Are you kidding me?!

D: No, of course I am, man.

E: Do you know I grew up on The Cosby Show?

D: Well, like a lot of people, I'm sure. (Laughs)

E: Wow. I had no … I was just dying to ask you that, man. I just wanted to bring that to your attention. I was a big fan of that show, and I'm sure I'll be a big fan when I see this unrated version of Hatchet on DVD.

D: Yeah, man. I can't wait for everybody to get it. Check it out.

E: I sure will. Hey, I appreciate your time, my friend.

D: Thank you, I appreciate the same thing from you.

E: I look forward to your future projects, Deon. Thank you very much.

D: I'll be checking you out, definitely.

E: Hey, do that, dog, do it!

D: I hope you get some wins, man!

E: All right man, thank you very much.

D: All right, Elijah.


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