CM Punk talks to the star of 'Underworld: Rise of the Lycans,' Kevin Grevioux

CM Punk talks to the star of 'Underworld: Rise of the Lycans,' Kevin Grevioux

In the latest Superstar to Superstar, new Intercontinental Champion CM Punk had a chance to sit down with Kevin Grevioux, former microbiologist turned blockbuster actor and writer who is currently reprising his role as Raze in Underworld: Rise of the Lycans. (S2S PHOTOS) And as the Lycans' bid to rule the pecking order begins this Friday, Jan 23., at a theater near you, so too will the Intercontinental Champion's struggle to rise above 29 other competitors to challenge for the greatest prize of all at the Royal Rumble this Sunday at 8 / 7CT. (Order Royal Rumble now!). In this insightful interview, Punk talks to Grevioux about the upcoming film, his creative passions, and his thoughts on WWE.

CM Punk: Underworld: Rise of the Lycans is a prequel, something that seems to be in high demand in Hollywood in recent years. Why do you think origin stories are so appealing to moviegoers?

Kevin Grevioux: I think people like to go behind the scenes, to see how things get where they are going. It's always cool to see where everything began; how we got to this point. I think that's definitely the appeal.

Punk: What makes you want to come back and play the character of Raze again?

Grevioux: Well, I created him. It's always cool to come back and play a character you created, especially on screen. We used to do it for free when we were 8 to 12 years old. So, to get paid for it, that's even better.

Punk: In your vast career, you've played everything from an Underworld Lycan to an Underworld demon; from a police office to a mob goon to a DC Comics supervillain. You've done work as a stuntman. Have you ever been inspired to get inside a WWE ring, and if so, can you describe what your WWE Superstar persona would be?

Grevioux: I remember right after college, I approached a friend of mine and I said, "Dude, you know, we should be wrestlers." And I wanted to do it. But then I found out you have to go to school. And I was like "we beat school." And the only thing I could envision, I mean I could do the acting stuff and the stunt stuff, but I am not sitting in another classroom.

Punk: The school of hard knocks is actually what it is. I could not sit in an acting class at this point in my career, either.

Grevioux: Yeah, it's very exciting to see how these guys do what they do. It's cool.

Punk: I think we have a lot of crossover fans. So, what aspects of Underworld: Rise of the Lycans is the WWE Universe going to like?

Grevioux: I think the appeal of this film is that you're seeing the genesis of the war; the reason for it. I think it's the characters coming back [from the other films]. Also, the sheer amount of Lycans you see in this film. I mean, people will say, "I gotta see more of this." Essentially, it's like Spartacus with werewolves.

Punk: Tell the WWE Universe about one of your other latest ventures, writing Marvel Comics' New Warriors Vol. 4.

Grevioux: I got a call from Joe Quesada saying he thought I'd be perfect for it. I was a little hesitant at first because they wanted me to use new characters and I liked the old cats. And I was like man, this it going to be a challenge. But, it was fun. It was good experience; it opened the door and allowed me to make other comic books for Marvel.

Punk: What other writing projects are you currently working on now that you'd like to share with the WWE Universe?

Grevioux: I'm writing a book called Adam: Legend of the Blue Marvel about a black superhero from the '60s who gets told he can't be a superhero because they found out he was black. So, President Kennedy calls the man and basically says, "We're trying to push civil rights. We will never get it through Congress if people know you exist; that there is a black guy as powerful as Superman. He's an object of fear."

I also have a zombie comic book out called ZMB: Zombies of Mass Destruction. It's gonna be made into a movie shortly, lord willing. It's about how the government uses zombies; airdrops zombies over hostile combat zones to bite all the dissident soldiers and clear them all out. And we go in and occupy. Then, the zombies, once the soldiers are turned, they dissolve when sunlight hits them. But, one of the zombies gets free and is creating more like him that don't dissolve. And the soldiers have to go get him.

Punk: What comic books do you like to read?

Grevioux: I mostly like superhero stuff.

Punk: Who would win in a tag team match - a Lycan and vampire team, or Triple H & WWE Champion Jeff Hardy?

Grevioux: Oh, man. It would have to be Lycans.

Punk: If there were a Lycan/vampire tag team, what would their big finishing maneuver be?

Grevioux: I think it would be something called "The Claw."

Punk: As a WWE Superstar, I'm always learning on the job, adapting different aspects of my craft to be the best I can, much like film actors do. Can you share with us any specific skills you had to learn to play Raze in these films?

Grevioux: I think the sheer amount of physicality that some of the action requires. I have used guns before. But, if you haven't fired a gun before, you aren't prepared for how to act when you need to fire a gun.  You have to know to watch your face. But, you're a Lycan, you're a tough guy, you're not afraid of the bullets. So you can't blink. You have to learn to react.

Punk: Do you have any favorite WWE Superstars past or present?

Grevioux: First guy was the Crusher. I liked The Rock for a while. But, currently, I think it's a toss-up between Batista and John Cena. Their cool. At least that's what I see. I like that. I think John Cena reminds me of military guys. I have friends in Iraq. I kind of like that attitude.

Punk: Anything else you want to say?

Grevioux: Basically, if you like wrestling and conflict, you will like Underworld: Rise of the Lycans.

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