Women's Champ joins the fight against autism with Jenny McCarthy

Women's Champ joins the fight against autism with Jenny McCarthy

In this special edition of Superstar to Superstar, Women's Champion Mickie James chats with actress and Generation Rescue spokeswoman, Jenny McCarthy. WWE has joined forces with Generation Rescue to support the fight against autism through Saturday Night's Main Event, which airs this Saturday, Aug. 2, at 9 p.m. ET on NBC.

Mickie James: First of all, I want to say that I think this is wonderful, what you're doing with Generation Rescue. It's amazing.

Jenny McCarthy: Well, also for WWE, it's really huge of you guys to come in and do this for us.

Mickie: We're honored. What made you want to do this with WWE?

Jenny: You know, I worked with Vince McMahon about 14 years ago. I was hired to do an appearance with Pamela Anderson before anyone really knew who I was.

Mickie: Yes, I remember. Diesel…

Jenny: Yes, and Shawn [Michaels]. I actually tried out to be a commentator for WWE right after that, which makes me laugh now because I'm so horrible at it! Then Vince had called me a couple of months ago and said, "Jenny, it's been a long time. We want to join forces to fight autism. I can't think of a better fighter or organization than you and yours." And Generation Rescue came in, we joined up together and here we are.

Mickie: That's amazing. It really is. And why the fight against autism?

Jenny: You know, autism is … it's so huge. Everybody knows someone who has a child with autism. This is something that's devastating to families. A lot of people aren't educated and don't understand that there are so many things out there that can help these kids recover from autism. They can get better. That's what Generation Rescue is all about. A lot of other organizations don't necessarily teach what I learned -- how to heal my son, and I've learned successfully. That's how Generation Rescue helped me in my life and now I'm giving back by teaching the rest of the community -- and the world -- that autism is reversible.

Mickie: Wow, I didn't know that. And it is definitely a struggle. I know it's very tough on a lot of families. It can pull a family apart to deal with anything like this, to meet the child's needs and stuff like that. It's a big strain on the family sometimes.

Jenny: An emotional strain, a financial strain -- both of those things are devastating. I've been there and I've walked in these parents' shoes, so I speak from experience, and I speak from what I've seen -- and that kids can get better.

Mickie: It's good that you lead by example because you show that it can be done.

Jenny: Yes!

Mickie: That's wonderful. It really is. So how would you describe your WWE experience so far?

Jenny: It's one of the greatest, most professional organizations I've worked with, without a doubt. Vince has been so giving. The fact that they're opening up their publicity arm for us shows you again how great this organization truly is.

Mickie: Saturday Night's Main Event is such a big deal, and it's great to be able to put that toward something positive, something good.

Jenny: It's so needed.

Mickie: And it's important that people understand autism. There are tons of illnesses out there and people really should be aware of these things and help people who need it.

Jenny: We're in desperate need of finances.

Mickie: What personality traits do you think mothers of autistic children have in common with the WWE Divas?

Jenny: We're warriors.

Mickie: There you go!

Jenny: We are warriors. We will fight to save our children, and there is no surrendering. We will go to the ends of the earth to do that. We've got hearts and shields made of the strongest armor.

Mickie: We have to. Now, is there anything you'd like to get across to the WWE Universe or just out about Generation Rescue?

Jenny: Yeah. What I want people to take away from Generation Rescue is that autism is not a dead-end sentence. Generation Rescue offers hope. And there's hope if you get an autism diagnosis. We are there to help you and guide you in all the directions you need to go to get that help. I will make sure that money goes to the right place. I will forever be doing this, for the rest of my life. This isn't a one-stop show for me, it's for eternity.

Mickie: That's wonderful. … On a different note, do you have anything coming up that you would like to talk about? Personally, I remember Scary Movie 3, and John Tucker Must Die, but I have Date Movie and Dirty Love, and I died laughing. I swear. It was so funny to me.

Jenny: I wrote [Dirty Love], you know!

Mickie: Did you? Oh, it was so funny.

Jenny: It is. I think it's the funniest movie ever, but then, I'm dating the funniest guy in the world! I still think it's the funniest chick movie.

Mickie: Yeah. It's a total spin. I was dying laughing. I made my sister watch it. It was hilarious.

Jenny: Thanks! Well, book-wise, I have Mother Warriors -- speaking of that name. Mother Warriors is my book about moms fighting autism. It comes out Sept. 23.

Mickie: Congratulations. That's awesome. Obviously, your inspiration for that was Generation Rescue and your son.

Jenny: Yes, absolutely. I'm not the leader in this. There have been leaders for 10 years that I am following. Now I'm just trying to show everyone the same way.

Mickie: So how did that come about? Your son is autistic.

Jenny: He was diagnosed with autism in 2005. That night, after I came home, I cried. The doctor really didn't offer any hope. He said there's nothing you could really do.

Mickie: That's a sad thing to hear.

Jenny: It's very sad. Parents hear it all the time -- that their kid has to be institutionalized. They're only 3 and they tell them that. So I decided to go online and try to find some hope. I Googled "autism." On the corner of the screen, it said, "Autism is reversible" in the sponsored link, and I questioned it. I decided to click on it and up came Generation Rescue. It was this group of parents -- it's a parent-run organization, not bought by anybody. It's parents helping parents and they teach you the way and show you the science that scientists and doctors have done in treating autism, and I decided to follow that path and it worked.

Mickie: So it's trial and error, positive thinking and just trying to help each other along the way.

Jenny: Absolutely.

Mickie: That's really neat. It kind of worked, in turn, both ways, because they helped you along the way and now you can give back and help them and make the nation more aware.

Jenny: Absolutely. I just took over Generation Rescue, basically! (laughs) I went in there like, "Let's go! Let's spread the word!"

Mickie: Wow, that's amazing!

Jenny: I'm really happy.

Mickie: Cool! Well, good luck. I really hope this does really, really well.

Jenny: Me, too! We're telling the WWE Universe. Make a donation.

Mickie: I think it's going to do wonders.

Jenny: Do you?

Mickie: Yeah, I do! Thank you so much!

Jenny: You're so sweet. Thank you!

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