What a Rush!

What a Rush!

Before he suffered a shoulder injury at the hands of Mr. Kennedy and underwent surgery that could keep him out of action for up to four months, Bobby Lashley had a chance to meet with Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker, the stars of Rush Hour 3, which opens on Friday, Aug. 10.

Chan and Tucker thrilled moviegoers and made a huge impact on the box office worldwide with the first two installments of the Rush Hour franchise in 1998 and 2001. Fans who have anxiously waited six years for Chan and Tucker to reunite onscreen will undoubtedly rush to see Rush Hour 3.

Bobby Lashley is one of those fans. Watch the former ECW Champion share a few laughs with Chan and Tucker just days before his unfortunate injury. Get well soon, Bobby. Our fans will anxiously await your return.

Superstar to Superstar: Bobby Lashley meets Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker. Watch the video ...

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