Summer Rae: 'Iron Man's' Maiden

Summer Rae: 'Iron Man's' Maiden

Take a look inside Summer Rae's "Iron Man" magazine shoot

Summer Rae poses for the camera during her shoot for "Iron Man" magazine.

A nine-hour photo shoot would be enough to put anyone in a sour mood. Yet, to hear Summer Rae discuss her recent “Iron Man” magazine shoot for the September 2015 issue ( available now) that crept right near 10 hours long, she sounds as upbeat and chipper as anyone can.

"'Iron Man' loved my message about having a healthy lifestyle," Summer told, who secured the photo shoot with the premier bodybuilding magazine’s editors after catching their collective eye with her impressive work on WWE television and through her activity on  social media. "I got the shoot on my own, which I am very proud of."

However, for as rewarding as the shoot itself was, “Hot" Summer is the first to admit that there is a good amount of work involved as well.

"I was dieting leading up to [the shoot]," she explained. "Five days before, I began carb cycling and pulled water."

Rusev's main squeeze also revealed some interesting pre-shoot rituals that may surprise the WWE Universe.

"I usually eat a [candy bar] beforehand," Summer said with a giggle. "I am very depleted before a shoot like that and low on sugar. This time, though, I went with rice cakes and almond butter."

Go behind the scenes of Summer Rae's "Iron Man" magazine shoot

Regardless of the pre-shoot meal, the regimen rendered successful results for the magazine and interview, where she also discussed the difficulties of her training and her approach to fan interactions. When speaking with about the latter, Summer cited a great piece of advice she received from Zeb Colter when she first started traveling with WWE. 

"Zeb would say he is never bothered when people asked him for an autograph; when I should be bothered is when they stop asking."

In the interview, Summer stressed how much she loves fans' support, and wants to make them proud. From her point of view, if fans wanting to interact with her is her worst problem, “then things are pretty good."

Summer also opened up to "Iron Man" magazine about a cause very near and dear to her, a charity her family started up entitled  The Dean Thomas Moinet Foundation. According to the Diva, the foundation is "for medically fragile children in North Carolina," and aims to provide free residency for families during hospital stays.

"Housing is the last thing families should have to worry about during that time," she said. 

The WWE Universe can pick up Summer Rae's issue of “Iron Man” magazine now on the  Iron Magazine website or at local magazine providers to get an even more revealing insight on the blonde beauty. It's Summer('s) time. 

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