Stardust and The Miz take aim at ‘Arrow’ star Stephen Amell

Stardust and The Miz take aim at ‘Arrow’ star Stephen Amell

During a panel at San Diego Comic-Con International, “Arrow” star Stephen Amell appeared as DC Comics’ The Green Arrow. A lifelong WWE fan, he shared a video of his appearance on social media noting that it was his first “WWE-style promo.”

This prompted The Miz to tweet in response, essentially telling Amell he still needed work speaking to audiences. The result was a heated social media exchange between the two.

As the war of words erupted, Stardust made his in-ring return, embarking on an anti-superhero crusade and defeating Neville. Following his victory, Stardust reignited his social media war with the “Arrow” star, seemingly suggesting that The Green Arrow is next on the space invader’s list.

Stardust and Amell first crossed paths at Raw on Memorial Day. Amell was sitting at ringside when "The Prince of Dark Matter" singled him out and hissed at him before a loss to Neville. The loss didn’t faze the interdimensional Superstar and he called out Amell in a post-match interview, claiming that his new rival was in fact The Green Arrow. Stardust even went as far as renaming his finishing maneuver “The Queen’s Crossbow” after Green Arrow’s secret identity Oliver Queen.

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