Ronda Rousey's takedown of The Authority makes headlines

Ronda Rousey's takedown of The Authority makes headlines

At WrestleMania, Triple H and Stephanie McMahon tried to take a proud moment for WWE and turn it into a narcissistic opportunity to tout their own accomplishments and berate the WWE Universe. The Rock did not take kindly to this and confronted The Authority. The People's Champ exchanged heated words with Stephanie McMahon that resulted in a resounding slap and demand that The Rock leave the ring.

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Surprisngly, The Great One obliged, but his true motives were soon revealed as he made his way to UFC Women's Bantamweight Champion Ronda Rousey at ringside. Together, they entered the ring and confronted The Authority. Another heated exchange led to The Rock unleashing on Triple H and Rousey taking down The Game with an impressive judo throw. In an effort to defend her husband, Stephanie tried to slap Rousey, but the UFC star locked Stephanie's arm and forced her out of the ring.

The Rock's appearance was certainly a surprise — less than 24 hours earlier he was in New York City to host "Saturday Night Live." However, the moment everyone is talking about is Rousey's incredible take down of Triple H and her removal of Stephanie McMahon from the ring. Here is what people are saying about it: 

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