Gronk and Mojo Rawley stay hyped in Providence

It's no secret that New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski and NXT Superstar Mojo Rawley are very good friends. The duo filmed a video on Twitter over the summer where "Gronk" hinted that he may become Rawley's new tag team partner. Of course, Rawley's actual tag team partner is Zack Ryder and together they are the Hype Bros. However, as evidenced by a Live Event in Providence this past week, Gronkowski certainly stays hyped, especially when supporting his friends.

The Patriots star was in attendance for the event and was captured on Vine helping to hype up Rawley before his match.

Not everyone was thrilled with Gronk's attendance, as Lana took to Twitter to voice her discontent after noticing that the Patriots tight end was not at ringside to see Rusev in action.

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