Revolution Looms: Is the WWE Universe Ready?

Revolution Looms: Is the WWE Universe Ready?

A Revolution is coming

Fear not, a Revolution is coming.

Revolution is coming.

You’ve no doubt seen the footage on — a short, grainy video filled with quick cuts showing scenes of revolution and revolt from different time periods in recorded history, ending with the ominous promise that, "A Revolution is Coming."

The video offers up more questions than answers, however, and the WWE Universe has been set ablaze trying to figure out what - or who - may ignite such a revolution.

It has been a year where the seemingly unthinkable has happened — in a 24-hour span alone, John Cena faced off against The Rock in a Once in a Lifetime Match at WrestleMania, then felt the effects of Brock Lesnar making his shocking (albeit brief) return to a WWE ring. Therefore, the very idea of a revolution is more than enough to shake the foundations of the WWE Universe. It’s no secret that WWE has a long history of soon-to-debut Superstars releasing video teasers as portents of things to come; could this video be signaling the next major force to be reckoned with inside the squared circle?

Or is it a sign of something else entirely? Does the footage lay down the groundwork for a new movement, something that may change the WWE landscape forever? Perhaps the video alludes to a new pay-per-view event, sweeping changes on Raw and SmackDown, or the next great YouTube show.

Though it’s clear from the footage that a revolution is, in fact, headed our way, questions remain: What is this "revolution," and when is it coming? What do you think the video means? Share your thoughts in the comments section below and add your voice to the coming revolution!

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