Randy Orton's 5 coolest RKOs ever!

Randy Orton's 5 coolest RKOs ever!

Despite its popularity for coming “outta nowhere,” Randy Orton’s RKO has actually been around for quite some time.

The Viper has used the venomous maneuver for most of his career, first hitting Kane with the move in 2003. WWE.com picked out the five coolest RKOs ever and made them into GIFs so you can watch The Apex Predator strike over and over and over again. Feast your eyes on these mesmerizing GIFs.  


RKO on Jeff Hardy – Royal Rumble 2008

Randy Orton's 5 coolest RKOs ever!

Jeff Hardy had Randy Orton right where he wanted him when he caught The Viper in the Twist of Fate. But alas, the high-flying Superstar would suffer his own cruel twist of fate, in the form of an RKO. The Charismatic Enigma never saw it coming.


RKO on Chris Jericho – WWE Money in the Bank 2010

Randy Orton's 5 coolest RKOs ever!

Orton’s ability to strike with the RKO “outta nowhere” was on full display at WWE Money in the Bank 2010. Chris Jericho thought it was down to him and Edge, but out of the corner of your screen comes The Viper with a lethal RKO off the ladder.


RKO on Dolph Ziggler - Raw: October 13, 2014

Randy Orton's 5 coolest RKOs ever!

Over the years, The Viper has become extraordinarily resourceful when it comes to delivering his finishing maneuver. A perfect example of this is when Orton countered Dolph Ziggler’s attempt at a Famouser into a powerful RKO. Game, set, match.


RKO on Evan Bourne - Raw: July 12, 2010

Randy Orton's 5 coolest RKOs ever!

Orton has always been incredibly adept at turning another Superstar’s aerial assault into his own venomous strike. Back in 2010, The Viper gave us a preview of his ability to ground an aerial attack when he turned Evan Bourne’s Shooting Star Press into an RKO that would send a chill down the spines of high-flyers everywhere.


RKO on Seth Rollins – WrestleMania 31

Randy Orton's 5 coolest RKOs ever!

Randy Orton saved his coolest RKO for The Grandest Stage of Them All, and why not? In front of 76,976 WWE fans at Levi’s® Stadium, Seth Rollins went to finish off the serpentine Superstar with a Curb Stomp when Orton sprung up, catapulting his foe straight into the air. Unfortunately for Rollins, gravity took hold, sending him straight down into the most amazing RKO ever. 

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