WWE Power Rankings: February 12, 2016

WWE Power Rankings: February 12, 2016

WWE.com, in conjunction with the Academy of Wrestling Arts & Sciences (AWAS), ranks the Top 25 Superstars in WWE each week with Power Rankings. The rankings are based on victories, quality of opponents, momentum and overall in-ring dominance, as well as intangibles. Be sure to check back every Saturday for the latest Power Rankings. Here are the rankings for February 12, 2016.


Zack Ryder (Last Week: N/A)

Woo Woo Woo! Consecutive victories on WWE Main Event and “WWE Superstars” against Heath Slater and Stardust, respectively, bring the indefatigable Zack Ryder back into the Power Rankings.


Tamina (Last Week: N/A)

Which former Team B.A.D. member will make the biggest mark on the Divas division now that the trio is no more? Tamina made a convincing case with her show of no mercy against Becky Lynch on Raw.


Brie Bella (Last Week: 24)

Joining husband Daniel Bryan for his emotional farewell on Raw meant Brie Bella needed to put preparations for her impending bout with Divas Champion Charlotte on hold for a week. Don’t worry; Brie will be ready for WWE Fastlane. 


Ryback (Last Week: ​21)

The Big Guy suffered another frustrating setback on Raw against Bray Wyatt, largely due to an unannounced encounter with Sister Abigail which came out of nowhere. Ryback wouldn’t be nervous about his new look, would he?


Jack Swagger (Last Week: ​20)

Keeping a low profile in the WWE Universe when you’re a 6-foot-7, 275-pound former World Heavyweight Champion seems impossible, yet Jack Swagger somehow managed to pull off the feat in his week of in-ring 


Becky Lynch (Last Week: ​18)

Becky Lynch’s growing pains in the Divas division continue, most recently with her tough-luck loss to Tamina on Raw. Her Divas Title aspirations will have to wait as she gets up to speed with unlikely ally Sasha Banks.


The Dudley Boyz (Last Week: ​23)

From the day they found their way back into WWE, it seemed like it would be only a matter of time before The Dudley Boyz went into business for themselves. It’s still disgraceful that they did it at The Usos’ expense.


Sasha Banks (Last Week: ​22)

Days after finding herself on the wrong end of a ringside assault by Naomi, Sasha Banks scored a measure of redemption by defeating her former Team B.A.D. ally in a thrilling encounter on SmackDown.


AJ Styles (Last Week: ​15)

The Phenomenal One likely knew he would encounter a few bumps in his first WWE go-round. It looks like he hit a pesky one in the form of Chris Jericho, who defeated AJ Styles in a riveting SmackDown clash.


Neville (Last Week: ​17)

The Man That Gravity Forgot found his way back into the winner’s circle once again, this time as a partner to The Lucha Dragons in their frenetic and victorious fight against The Cosmic Wasteland on SmackDown.


Chris Jericho (Last Week: ​19)

The Superstar who professes to be the “best in the world at what I do” made great deal of noise on SmackDown with his victory over AJ Styles … and with his questionable show of sportsmanship afterwards.


Rusev (Last Week: ​16)

The Bulgarian Brute relished the chance to join Alberto Del Rio in roughing up The Lucha Dragons on Raw. Rusev’s ultimate goals in WWE remain shrouded in mystery, but he’s as tough a competitor as they get.


The Usos (Last Week: ​11)

When is a win really a loss? Well, The Usos now know the answer after their success in the Eight-Man Tag Team Tables Match on Raw ended with the Samoan Superstars suffering the wrath of The Dudley Boyz.


Alberto Del Rio (Last Week: ​13)

Alberto Del Rio did dispatch of The Lucha Dragons on Raw, but didn’t separate Kalisto from the U.S. Championship. As long as The King of Flight remains the reigning champion, Del Rio’s rampage will continue.


Kevin Owens (Last Week: ​10)

Kevin Owens might very well have a legitimate gripe with how his latest loss to Dolph Ziggler on Raw came to pass. He does not, however, have an answer for how to stifle the recently surging Showoff.


Dolph Ziggler (Last Week: ​12)

The Academy of Wrestling Arts & Sciences usually applauds Superstars who do everything in their power to win, but Dolph Ziggler might have pushed his luck with how he secured victory against Kevin Owens on Raw.


Sheamus (Last Week: ​8)

The Celtic Warrior was nowhere to be seen once again, sending him further on a downward trajectory in the Power Rankings. At least his League of Nations allies are successfully carrying on in Sheamus’ absence.


The New Day (Last Week: ​7)

WWE Tag Team Champions The New Day failed to save the tables or solicit meaningful assistance from Mark Henry in their loss to The Usos & The Dudley Boyz on Raw. They did, however, see their rivals implode.


Charlotte (Last Week: ​9)

Divas Champion Charlotte remains the class of her division, proving it most recently by pummeling Alicia Fox on Raw. She’s building a great deal of momentum before her impending WWE Fastlane bout with Brie Bella.


Kalisto (Last Week: ​6)

U.S. Champion Kalisto struggled to rediscover his tag team magic with Sin Cara on Raw. After losing to The League of Nations on Raw, The Lucha Dragons & Neville experienced the SmackDown rebound against The Cosmic Wasteland.


The Wyatt Family (Last Week: ​4)

Days after dispatching of Ryback in a physical contest on Raw, Bray Wyatt boasted on SmackDown how he and his minions have previously made short work of the “titans” of WWE. As always, Wyatt’s master plan remains known only to him, but his recent run of success should make all of his rivals nervous.


Dean Ambrose (Last Week: ​5)

Dean Ambrose either has the heart of a warrior or the head of a highly-misguided Superstar. He both inspired and incited fear among WWE fans for his recent showing against Brock Lesnar. It’s impressive to see anyone handle himself against The Beast Incarnate, but it only matters if Ambrose can find a way to conquer Lesnar.


Brock Lesnar (Last Week: ​3)

Brock Lesnar learned an important lesson ahead of his highly-anticipated Triple Threat Match at WWE Fastlane. It’s not knocking Dean Ambrose down that’s the hard part; it’s getting him to stay down that’s the tricky part. Paul Heyman’s prized client probably isn’t going soft on Ambrose, but he may still turn things up a notch.


Roman Reigns (Last Week: ​2)

While Dean Ambrose and Brock Lesnar tear each other apart before the Triple Threat Match for the opportunity to face WWE World Heavyweight Champion Triple H at WrestleMania, Roman Reigns must secretly be smiling to himself. As long as his WWE Fastlane foes continue to fight, Reigns can prepare for the big bout uninterrupted.


Triple H (Last Week: ​1)

WWE World Heavyweight Champion Triple H does not appear phased one bit by the sight of the three Superstars — Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose and Brock Lesnar — getting even more prepared for WWE Fastlane 2016. Perhaps that’s because The Game has been down this road before, and has often come out on top.

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