'12 Rounds' synopsis and cast

'12 Rounds' synopsis and cast

12 Rounds synopsis
Danny Fisher (John Cena), a New Orleans police officer, single-handedly arrests Miles Jackson (Aidan Gillen), one of the most feared and wanted criminals in the world. However, in doing so, a horrifying accident results in the death of Miles' girlfriend. A year later, Miles escapes from prison and kidnaps Danny's girlfriend with the purpose of seeking vengeance. Manipulated and forced to partake in "12 Rounds" of dangerous games plotted throughout the city, Danny will do whatever is takes to stop this mad-man's sick and twisted game and reveal his true purpose before innocent people are hurt and the love of his life is gone forever.

12 Rounds cast
Renny Harlin (Die Hard 2, Cliffhanger, A Long Kiss Goodnight, Deep Blue Sea)

John Cena (The Marine) as Detective Danny Fisher. A dedicated New Orleans cop is put to the test and proves to be a clever and street-savvy adversary to the criminal mastermind Miles Jackson. Danny will do anything in order to save Molly, even if it means playing along with Miles' treacherous games.

Aidan Gillen (Shanghai Knights, The Wire) as international arms dealer Miles Jackson. An explosives expert with a penchant for murder, mayhem and kidnapping, Miles may be a sociopath but he is also criminal genius. With the entire city of New Orleans as his playground, Miles may have more up sleeve than simply seeking revenge for his fiancée.

Ashley Scott (The Kingdom, Jericho) as Molly. Danny Fisher's girlfriend, Molly will endure the worst day of her life when she's abducted and used as a pawn in Miles' sick and twisted game.

Steve Harris (Minority Report, The Practice) as Special Agent George Aiken. A zealous and obsessed FBI agent whose been tracking Miles ever since he blew up an airplane over Islamabad. His only objective is to capture Miles, even if it means Molly pays the ultimate price.

Brian White (Stomp the Yard, The Shield) as Hank Carver. Best-friend and partner, Hank will do whatever it takes to find the mastermind obsessed on destroying Danny's life.

Gonzalo Menendez (Fantastic 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer) as Special Agent Ray Santiago. As Aiken's partner in the FBI, Santiago is the voice of reason and becomes an unsuspecting partner in Danny's struggle to save Molly.

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