Teachers' Corner: French teacher uses WWE in the classroom

Teachers' Corner: French teacher uses WWE in the classroom

WWE.com's Teachers' Corner is a place for educators to share their stories about how they use WWE as a tool in their classrooms. Stay tuned to Teachers' Corner for more information on the upcoming WrestleMania Reading Challenge and to read teachers' stories about how WWE has helped their students succeed.

Teachers' Corner recently received a letter from an educator in France who uses WWE DVDs to help teach students English:


I’m an English teacher from France.

Last month I was explaining to my five students (17-21 years old) how to pay tribute in English. We used DVDs from the first SmackDown after 9/11 and the Raw Tribute Show to Eddie Guerrero. The lesson was very emotional. Watching thousands of people singing “USA” was something they’ve never seen before. They definitely loved it!

Some of the French students are young WWE fans, so at the beginning of the lesson they had some fun guessing the names of the wrestlers appearing. At the end of the hour they told me that was the most interesting course they’ve ever attended.

Marine Vermesse

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