Teachers' Corner: WWE weighs in for elementary school math class

Teachers' Corner: WWE weighs in for elementary school math class

The following was sent by Lisa, a first grade teacher in Phoenix:

I found the Teachers' Corner while browsing through WWE.com. I am a fan and have been for longer than I can actually remember. The following is how I use the WWE in my classroom:
I teach 1st grade in a charter school in Phoenix. Last year was the first time I tried the lesson and it was by far, one of the most highly engaged lessons, among the students, for that quarter.

In the subject of math, we were practicing place value and placing three-digit numbers in ascending and descending order. Using official information from WWE.com, I compiled a list of 10 wrestlers and their official weights. As a class, we put the wrestlers in order from lightest to heaviest and vice versa. The kids absolutely loved it because many of them were fans of the WWE, like myself, and we were using real world information, not something from their math textbook. They liked it so much they wanted me to get more wrestlers' weights so we could put them into order the next day with the list we already completed.  I couldn't refuse and we had another great lesson of ordering three-digit numbers!

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