WWE Circle of Champions: The Rock grants Thomas' wish

WWE Circle of Champions: The Rock grants Thomas' wish
MIAMI – Less than 24 hours earlier, The Rock was celebrating having beaten John Cena in front of 80,000 members of the WWE Universe at  WrestleMania XXVIII. Today, as Raw was ramping up at the American Airlines Arena, he was enjoying a far more intimate, but no less impactful moment with a family of four, granting a very special wish for Make-A-Wish Foundation's Thomas. ( PHOTOS)

The Great One spent close to an hour with the family, sharing jokes and stories and even revealing some amazing personal insights into his Once in a Lifetime match against the Champ at SunLife Stadium. For The Rock, it was a great way to close out WrestleMania week, and a reminder of how much WWE gives back to its fans.

“We’re very fortunate to get to do something that we love,” he said. “And the fans are very fortunate that they get to enjoy something that they love to enjoy. So when you meet a fan like Thomas, and his brother, who are such great fans and, more importantly, just very special people, not only does it make it worthwhile, but it reminds me just how incredibly blessed we all are.”

The People’s Champ also remarked that giving back and granting wishes through Make-A-Wish is his favorite part about WWE, and even managed to offer some kind words about his WrestleMania XXVIII opponent.

“I told John this the other day,” he said. “My favorite thing about John Cena is his wish granting. Because the impact he has on these families’ lives is incredible.” 

Although the lights of WrestleMania XXVIII have gone dark, granting a wish for this 13-year-old WWE Circle of Champions honoree and his family lit a spark in The Rock that will never be extinguished.

“I get asked all the time, who are your role models?” he said. “And say I really don’t have any role models, but I have people in my life who I draw inspiration from and draw love from, and this family is now an inspiration for me that I’m able to draw from.”

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