The Miz grants his first wish

The Miz grants his first wish

PHILADELPHIA – Good things come to those who wait, even The Miz.

The Awesome One has been a WWE Superstar for more than five years, but it wasn’t until recently that he granted his individual first wish with a WWE Circle of Champions honoree. But even that was delayed. (PHOTOS)

“It’s kind of interesting, because Make-A-Wish Foundation’s Dylan came to Kansas City when Triple H fired me and this kid’s wish was to meet me. Instead he got to meet all of the other Superstars,” the former WWE Champion explained.

Was it a conspiracy? Not exactly. Because The Miz and his former partner, R-Truth, were fired in late September when Raw SuperShow was in Kansas City, Dylan’s wish to meet The Awesome One was delayed until recently in Philadelphia.

“So Dylan started crying and his mom started crying because he didn’t want to meet any of them in Kansas City, he wanted to meet me,” The Miz boasted.

Suddenly, the usually brash Superstar’s tone softened, but just for a moment: “That kind of touches your heart. … That kid wanted to meet me. That’s his wish. That’s what he wanted to do.”

It was the first time The Miz granted an individual wish – a major milestone that not every Superstar or Diva is able to achieve.

“I’ve never had that before. So it was very cool,” The Miz admitted about meeting Dylan, 9.

 “I tried to give him as much time as possible. I asked him many questions and answered many of his questions. I did whatever I needed to do to put a smile on his face, and hopefully his family’s faces,” the former WWE Champion said.

“He asked me nice questions. Dylan was above and beyond really, really nice,” The Miz told “He asked me things like, ‘What’s your match tonight?’ and ‘How’s everything going?’ They were very cute, kid things to say.”

But The Miz wouldn’t let us forget that Dylan was there to meet only the most must-see Superstar in all of WWE, of course.

“He came not only to Kansas City, but to Philadelphia, basically to meet me, and only me. He doesn’t care about John Cena. He doesn’t care about CM Punk. He cares about The Miz.”

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