Justin Gabriel grants his first wish

Justin Gabriel grants his first wish

DALLAS – There are many firsts in Superstars’ careers – the first match, the first win and the first WrestleMania. But one special first that happens outside the ring is meeting a WWE Circle of Champions honoree. Justin Gabriel granted his first individual wish to Marvial Young recently before SmackDown. (PHOTOS)

“It was pretty amazing,” Gabriel told WWE.com. "He knew about the wish for a month and had been looking forward to it since then.

“I was really excited. I started asking a lot of people questions – like John Cena, who gets to do this all the time. I asked him what it was like. By him describing it to me, I was looking forward to it so much,” Gabriel explained.

But the South African Superstar was a little surprised Marvial, who is 16 and sponsored by Make-A-Wish Foundation, asked to specifically meet him.

“I’ve been with WWE for just over a year, and I’ve been in groups like The Nexus and The Corre – groups most people love to hate,” he said. “Hopefully now people can see the real me, and hopefully from here on forward I’ll get more opportunities like this.”

It was Marvial’s first time meeting a WWE Superstar, and it was an experience he described as “awesome!” Marvial says he hopes to remain friends with Gabriel through Twitter. (Follow @Justin__Gabriel on Twitter)

Gabriel agreed it was a great experience, and hopes it’s the first of many meetings with Circle of Champions honorees.

“Just to see the kids, to see the smiles on their faces, to me, that was the most rewarding thing.”

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