Who is Stacy Keibler?

Hollywood is abuzz after photos surfaced of actor George Clooney and his rumored love interest, former WWE Diva Stacy Keibler, at the Toronto Film Festival. Without question, the star of major blockbusters such as Ocean’s Eleven and The American knows of Stacy’s in-ring career, but those speculating over the relationship may not know everything about the tenacious and ambitious beauty. Before the long-legged femme fatale was the runner-up on Dancing with the Stars, Stacy proved how tough and competitive she is in the squared circle.

In 1999, the WWE Universe-favorite Diva started her career by winning a contest to become the newest member of WCW’s dance group, The Nitro Girls. Before long, the former Baltimore Raven cheerleader’s personality, out-of-this-world legs and stunning beauty allowed her to become one of WCW’s top managers. While managing some of WCW’s up and coming talent, including WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair’s son David, Stacy often used her gorgeous looks to manipulate and distract opposing competitors. In WCW, the blonde bombshell also showed she was tough and never afraid to back down from a challenge, battling other female competitors in a variety of wild matches.

When WWE acquired WCW in 2001, Stacy Keibler made her presence known as a member of the WCW/ECW Alliance. During this time she battled former Women’s Champions including Trish Stratus and Lita, while also managing World Tag Team and Intercontinental Champions, as well as other decorated Superstars. Between sexy photo shoots and coaching WWE competitors, Stacy demonstrated her in-ring athleticism and gymnastic-inspired maneuvers in contests with other Divas, including then-WWE Women’s Champion Stratus.embedcolon25033803 [ACTION PHOTOS]

George Clooney is certainly not the first high-profile individual with whom Stacy Keibler has been associated. After the collapse of The Alliance and her subsequent draft to SmackDown, Stacy became Mr. McMahon’s personal assistant. Supporting the Chairman of WWE in his day-to-day duties is no easy task, and Stacy beat out other WWE Divas for the important position.

Former Diva, always beautiful: Stacy KeiblerAny other woman seeking the affections of the Hollywood megastar needs to take notice of this ultra-competitive beauty, who clashed with some of WWE’s finest Divas and proved to be a valuable asset to several Superstars on their way to glory. Clooney is known as a notorious ladies’ man. Can Stacy be the one to finally pull off a heist greater than any of Danny Ocean’s?

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