Sheamus' Celtic Warrior workout revealed in "Muscle & Fitness"

Sheamus' Celtic Warrior workout revealed in "Muscle & Fitness"

Sculpting a chiseled physique is all about intensity, and few Superstars are quite as intense as Sheamus, who graces the cover of the April issue of Muscle & Fitness magazine.

In the issue, the two-time WWE Champion and 2010 King of the Ring recounts his meteoric ascent to WWE Superstardom and the challenges he overcame as he began his in-ring journey.

“I never gave up,” The Celtic Warrior told the magazine of his desire to become a WWE Superstar. “People laughed at me when I told them what I was trying to do. They looked down on it or whatever. But I’m telling you, this is the world to me. To be a part of the WWE, to go on to WrestleMania like we’ve got coming up in a few weeks – that’s everything.”

The issue also sheds light on The High King of WWE’s rigorous training regimen, designed for him by WWE’s strength and conditioning consultant Rob MacIntyre: The Celtic Warrior Workout.

For a detailed breakdown of Sheamus’ Celtic Warrior Workout and for more insight from the devious Dubliner himself, pick up the April issue of Muscle & Fitness, in stores March 15. To learn more about the magazine, visit

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