Take a ride with Victoria

Take a ride with Victoria

On Friday nights, Victoria proves she ain't the lady to mess with in the SmackDown ring. On weekends, she's often at home in Louisville, Ky., tinkering with her Chrysler 300 at her latest business venture, Black Widow Customs. This month, the Diva is making her passion for hot, custom cars a dream come true.

"This is a new adventure for me. I'm so excited. It's nice to have a passion for my own thing," Victoria said. "Black Widow Customs will open in March; we don't have the exact date yet. We're signing the lease right now."

To help launch Black Widow Customs, Victoria has been showcasing her hot ride. Late last month, her car was displayed at Carl Casper's Custom Auto Show in Louisville, where Victoria made a special appearance alongside her 2006 Chrysler 300C Hemi. Scheduled to sign autographs for just two hours, Victoria met thousands of our fans for close to four hours, refusing to turn away autograph-seekers hoping to chat with the Diva.

"My concern was would anyone show up? I live here. People see me at the mall. Am I a big deal here? I'm a local!" she laughed. "I was surprised at the line of our fans that were there to see me! It made me feel great. It was awesome. Everyone was so proud I'm from Louisville. It made me feel appreciated for being a Diva and for the car, because I put a lot of heart and soul into the car, too!"

Victoria wants to get the word out to vote for her Black Widow Customs Chrysler 300 in the YouTube Chrysler 300 Spin It Your Way online contest. If the Diva's custom ride receives the most votes, it will be showcased at the Los Angeles Auto Show. Victoria encourages our fans to vote for her car through March 6 at youtube.com/chrysler300. Click on "Vote," search for the "Black Widow 300" video and click on the "thumbs up" icon to show Victoria some love.

"I really want to get votes for my car. The top 25 cars all belong to guys, except for mine. I designed it. Everything on the car was my idea. I wanted to show that a girl can do this, too," she said.

Don't just vote because you love Victoria -- vote for the Black Widow Customs Chrysler 300 because it's modded to tasteful perfection. With the help of builder Todd Wilt, Victoria hooked up her car with a Xenon body kit, Lambo doors, multiple flat screen televisions and DVD players (you can watch up to four movies at once), 24-inch Incubus rims, an EZ Street Air Suspension and hand-painted Black Widow Customs graphics on and under the hood, to name a few features.

"I think we have a great car to get on covers of car magazines. This car is awesome. I just want to do well in the contest to help launch my business," she said.

After voting for Victoria's car (don't forget to return every day until March 6), check out the Diva's custom car shop's Web site at Black-Widow-Customs.com. The shop isn't open yet, but stay tuned to WWE.com for updates. Black Widow Customs will retail custom wheels, audio and video systems, and provide window tinting and even complete auto restorations.

"Car culture is parallel with WWE. It's the same fan base. A lot of people who come to our shows go to car shows," she said. "I have a good feeling we might do well in this contest. The feedback has been great. It's way more than I expected."

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