Lena Yada runs in L.A.'s Underwear Affair

Lena Yada runs in L.A.'s Underwear Affair

LOS ANGELES -- Last weekend, Lena Yada pulled on her Supergirl BVDs and red fishnet stockings, and laced up her sneakers to run through streets of Los Angeles in just her skivvies. No, this wasn't a dare and the Extreme Diva hasn't lost her marbles -- she was taking part in City of Hope's Underwear Affair with Uncover the Cure.

"It's basically known as the ‘underwear run.' It was presented by Jockey. It raises money and awareness for all cancers below the waist, all of the ones people usually don't like to talk about, such as testicular, ovarian, colon, kidney and cervical cancers," Lena explained. "It's a 10K run or 5K walk, and it raises money for research to help find a cure for cancer."

Lena said the Underwear Affair supports a cause that's quite meaningful for her because she recently lost a friend who was battling colon cancer.

"It's important we fund this research because people are misdiagnosed. He was misdiagnosed with IBS and all of these other things. By the time we realized it was colon cancer, the tumor was so big there was nothing left to do and he had less than a year to live. Now his 2-year-old daughter will never know her father," she said.

The Diva mentioned that she heard about this year's Underwear Affair at the last minute, but raised $600 for the cause. Another one of the Diva's friends was just diagnosed with colon cancer has been given a year to live, giving her one more reason to participate in next year's run. This time, she's hoping to raise $20,000 by Aug. 1, 2009.

"Anyone who wants to make donations, it's really appreciated. It's tax-deductible. They can go to uncoverthecure.org -- click on Los Angeles 2009 and type my name in. It'll be listed on there," Lena said.

Follow this link to see Lena's page and donate. 

The Diva is already the top fundraiser for the 2009 run, but she needs the WWE Universe's help!

"Next year, not only will my goal be to raise $20,000 for this organization, but also it's to run it in less than 44 minutes and win the best costume contest!"

Check out photos of Lena at Underwear Affair.

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