Layla makes her ‘Smooth' debut

Layla makes her ‘Smooth' debut

NEW YORK -- Layla is spicing up newsstands again. The ECW Diva graces the cover of Smooth magazine's September "muy caliente" Latin issue, on sale today.

"Nobody really knew this, or I guess I never said this, but my grandparents from my dad's side are actually Spanish. So when Smooth heard that, they thought that was awesome," Layla told

"It was a great concept to have me on the actual cover, since I am a little bit Latin, and I am Moroccan, plus I was born and raised in England, so I'm all mixed up!" she laughed.

Layla has been a fixture in men's magazines lately. Since winning last year's WWE Diva Search, she's already posed for King and Liquid magazines, plus she and fellow Extreme Exposé partners, Brooke and Kelly Kelly, are currently featured in FHMOnline. (Read all about it.)

"Brooke and Kelly Kelly were very excited for me to shoot Smooth magazine. They wished me good luck. They even sent me texts. They were very excited for me," Layla smiled.

The Diva said she's been so lucky to have been featured in so many magazines in the last year, and she's especially excited to be working with Smooth.

"It is amazing. I actually had dreams like two years ago -- and I told the editor this -- I sent in pictures to Smooth magazine and submitted them because they were looking for models, and I was hoping they'd pick me," she explained. "I never heard back, and just like two weeks ago, they came knocking at my door, asking me to be on the cover of their magazine, so this is a dream for me."

Check out a sneak peek of Layla's Smooth shoot: Photos and video

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