Korean students visit WWE headquarters

Korean students visit WWE headquarters

WWE recently played host to a group of Korean university students visiting the United States as part of "LG Global Challenger 2007," a community relations program hosted by LG Electronics Worldwide. The four students were touring the United States to learn more about the business of sports. Their first stop was WWE headquarters on July 31 to learn more about the world of sports-entertainment.

The students were given a tour of WWE's facilities, and then attended a meeting with WWE executives at which the students asked insightful questions regarding WWE's role in entertainment, how it markets its products, the company's future expansion plans outside of North America, and where the Korean market fit into the picture. 

Following the WWE visit in Stamford, the students planned to meet with the New York City Sports Commission, the Pittsburgh Steelers, the Chicago Cubs and the Detroit Pistons.

LG Electronics Worldwide is the leading company in Korea in the fields of electronics and communications. Each year, LG's competitive Global Challenger program aims to send groups of students abroad to learn about foreign cultures, economics, people and politics. 

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