'Whine Up' to SummerSlam

'Whine Up' to SummerSlam

WWE.com has a message for all our fans preparing for SummerSlam: Put your dancing shoes on, and get ready to shake your booty, because it's time to ‘Whine Up.' Kat DeLuna's hit, debut single is the official theme song for WWE's SummerSlam.

Not only is ‘Whine Up' an electrifying pop hit, it's a dance, too. DeLuna promises the steps are easy and our fans will be doing the ‘Whine Up' in time for SummerSlam on Aug. 26.

"Get ready to ‘Whine Up.' I want everybody to learn the dance," WWE fan DeLuna said. "To see the video, go to my MySpace, and you'll see me doing the dance. It's sexy. It's easy. I'm sure you'll all learn it."

DeLuna, 18, the first Dominican crossover artist, grew up in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, and New York City. ‘Whine Up,' featuring Elephant Man, is the first single off her Aug. 7 Epic Records release, 9 Lives.

" ‘Whine Up' is my introduction song," she said. "When we first released ‘Whine Up,' the feedback on it was crazy. It was unexpected. Then I did a version in Spanish, and now it's killin' it, it's killin' it. So I'm excited!"

The exhilarating ‘Whine Up' is a perfect fit for SummerSlam, WWE's Biggest Party of the Summer.

"You can ‘Whine Up' to anything. You can ‘Whine Up' to wrestling. You can ‘Whine Up' to boxing. It's just getting yourself ready to get amped up," DeLuna explained. "I ‘Whine Up' to getting my career started. That's how I see it. It has amazing energy, and that's what WWE is all about -- energy, fun and just doing it. When I hear ‘Whine Up,' that's what I feel."

DeLuna explained why 9 Lives is a unique album. The talented young artist's Dominican roots combined with her classical training, mixed with some of today's hottest styles of music make the record one of a kind.

"My album has nine songs. It was done in one month. This album is so special, not just because it's my first album, but it's so appealing for everyone. As the first Dominican crossover artist, I incorporated songs from my country, like the bachata, with pop and reggae. That song is called ‘Dreaming.' It's my second single coming out in July," she told WWE.com.

"Also, I incorporated opera in my album, because I'm an opera singer. I studied it for four years, and I sing first soprano. If you go to my MySpace, in the intro of the ‘Whine Up' video, you'll hear me singing some opera," she continued. "And of course there's a little bit of dance on it, and pop, because I dance, as well. So all that together makes the sound of Kat DeLuna!"

The WWE fan cites Kane, Undertaker and ‘Stone Cold' Steve Austin as a few of her favorite Superstars. DeLuna recognizes WWE's massive appeal in Latin America, and said ‘Whine Up' could draw even more Latin American fans to sports-entertainment.

"You know, in Mexico, wrestling is massive. So we Caribbean Latinos, we all look up to it, too. People down there who have cable, they always watch WWE. I feel like I can reach out and make it even bigger, saying, ‘Wow, I was part of it,' " she said.

"To tell you the truth, it's pretty big. Kids down there, they know about The Rock, they know about ‘Stone Cold.' They know about John Cena. They know all about the Superstars. When I go back now, I always see the kids watching it."

DeLuna said it's an honor to be partnered with WWE, especially for something as big as SummerSlam.

"I'm going crazy about that. I'm like ‘Oh my God!' It's amazing. I'm so honored. Hello -- I grew up watching it! I'm definitely a fan, of course. I love WWE," she said.

"And to the fans, I just want to give them this message: Be unstoppable when it comes to your dreams. Don't let anyone get in your way. Anything is possible. For me, it's all about energy, and whatever energy you bring toward yourself, then that's the way that things are going to come to you."

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