Chris Jericho guest stars on ‘Z Rock'

Chris Jericho guest stars on ‘Z Rock'

Chris Jericho will be a special guest star on IFC's Z Rock this Sunday night at 11/10 CT. Jericho plays himself as he rocks with the "Z Brothers" band as they play a kids' wrestling-themed birthday party. (PHOTOS | WATCH)

According to "Z Rock is a comedy series that follows three friends leading a double life: By night they're a hard-partying rock band and by day they're a kids party band. Z Rock is (kinda) based on the true story of the band Z02 (brothers Paulie Z and David Z, and lifelong friend Joey Cassata) and gives a satirical look at the dark underbelly of the rock n' roll dream.

"The boys' dreams finally come true: they play a wrestling-themed kids party in which they get to dress up in tights and capes. Pulled Pork Paulie, Joeylicious, and ChippenDave put on quite a show. But a newly coined phrase gets Joey in trouble with one of his idols: Wrestling legend Chris Jericho."

Tune in to Z Rock Sunday night at 11/10 CT on IFC. Check out exclusive photos of Jericho's appearance. For more information, visit

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