Take a little piece of Jeff Hardy's 'art'

Take a little piece of Jeff Hardy's 'art'

LAREDO, Texas -- Under the Texas sun, WWE Superstar Jeff Hardy expressed himself on canvas. Hardy, the four-time WWE Intercontinental Champion who's also known for his artistic prowess, painted three distinctive face portraits hours before SmackDown live from the Laredo Entertainment Center. These one-of-a-kind pieces are now available for auction on auction.wwe.com. (PHOTOS)

"One of my favorite things to draw is a face. I love drawing human forms and abstract faces," said Hardy. "All three turned out really good. I'm just excited to see what fans have to say. If it's a hit, we'll continue to do it and they'll keep getting better and better."

This isn't the first time the WWE Universe has been able to enjoy merchandise created from the mind of one of entertainment's most eclectic and talented Superstars. A few months ago, Hardy drew three separate designs for his new T-shirt, which the WWE Universe had the opportunity the vote on. Your choice, the Jeff Hardy self-portrait T-shirt, is sold exclusively on WWEShop.com.

"Jeff is a really creative and emotional person, which shows not only in his art, but also in his style," Valerie Newton, WWE's merchandising coordinator, explained. "These are three of the most unique auction items that we have ever come across. These definitely show Jeff's creative vision, style and also a bit of his ‘Xtreme' side. These paintings would be the prize in any Hardy fan's collection."

And the Cameron, N.C., native agreed with Newton's opinions.

"I think it'll be a very special gift. It'll look good in their house or on the wall. I think the artwork is one of a kind for sure, because I'm all about originality," Jeff explained.

Amazingly, Jeff Hardy completed all three paintings in less than three hours using spray paint, a task he admitted was challenging. But, Jeff was happy with the end results (PHOTOS). 

"I usually do bigger pieces. It's hard to get real detailed, but that's the good thing about using spray paint. You can cover a big area in a short amount of time as opposed to a brush. Naturally, it doesn't look as neat, but that's what's cool about the spray-paint technique," Jeff stated.

The eccentric WWE Superstar also gave the WWE Universe a glimpse into his own creative process for developing such diverse art.

"It's all imaginary. It kind of evolves on its own. I'll start painting and see a feature I want to modify a little bit. I'll start with the face and it'll take shape," described Jeff, enthusiastically. "Sometimes, I'll run the paint to make it look like tears are coming out of their eyes. If you notice, a lot of times you won't see ears on my faces. As an artist you must let things come naturally and not force it."

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