Raw Divas ‘Flex' some muscle

Raw Divas ‘Flex' some muscle

Three of Monday night's leading ladies are featured in the latest Flex pictorial, "Raw Beauties." The February issue, which is on sale now, includes an edgy, nine-page spread with Women's Champion Beth Phoenix, Candice Michelle and Layla. (PHOTOS)

"The Flex shoot was incredibly amazing. It was a total dream come true for me, because it was my first media magazine of that sort outside of wrestling," Phoenix told WWE.com. "Obviously, The Glamazon has been covered in every wrestling magazine known to man, including WWE Magazine, however, I've always wanted to do a fitness magazine."

Candice Michelle said the experience was extra-special because of the shoot's location -- Classic Kickboxing in Old Town Pasadena, Calif.

"We were in kind of an old, worn-down, Rocky-esque gym. They had boxing bags, a beat up ring and old school posters on the walls. It gave it that really rough-edged feel, which I thought was really cool for a photo shoot for us. Plus, we wore sexy, ripped up workout gear/lingerie," giggled the former Women's Champion.

The Glamazon's only issue with the Flex shoot was that she had to share the spotlight with fellow Raw Divas, Candice Michelle and Layla.

"It was unfortunate because in some of the shots, where my glory and my beauty could really be featured, I have Candice there, trying to hog all the pictures, as usual," said the Women's Champion.

"Obviously Flex magazine has never experienced a shoot steamier than that, thanks mostly in part to me," Phoenix said. "I hope the WWE Universe is as excited about the magazine as I am. They should be."

Candice Michelle said each Diva's individual persona shines through in the pictorial, making it a real treat for the WWE Universe.

"Being there with Layla and Beth, we all have such strong, different personalities, and I think we were able to shine in our own way, and we got some really cool stuff," Candice Michelle explained.

"But at one point, they were being really mean to me, though. They were trying to rip my shirt off. They think they're tough, like, ‘Let's rip Candice's shirt off!' " Candice Michelle laughed. "But it was still hot!"

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